Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok, I know that this isn't Martha Stewarts blog but...

Several years ago, Nestle or Hershey made a premier line of hot chocolates and one was French Vanilla hot chocolate.  It was deeeeevine, I always doubled the packets in mine, when you're going to have a hot chocolate, make it a good one, rich and creamy.  As luck would have it, they took it off the market (&%$#@!!!) and after many tries, I found the secret:

Hershey's syrup and Coffee Mate French Vanilla.

Make your hot chocolate on the stove with the Hershey's and then lay on the Coffee Mate until it makes your eyes roll back in ectasy, or at least to taste.  I guess you could use any of the other flavors of Coffee Mate but all the rest make me gag, except tiramisu, I could put a straw in the container and down the whole thing in one sitting.

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