Friday, March 23, 2012

BioWeapon Man!

I've been sick for about 7 days now with something that proves the existence of an intelligent and conscious evil bent on making lives for humans unbearable:  Adult onset hand-foot-mouth disease.  It's rampant here I've found out and what makes it particularly nasty is that you can't eat solid food.  Jello is a solid food in this case (although Jello is the other case for a conscious and intelligent evil) and leaves your mouth with raw bleeding blisters that feels like you've brushed your teeth with Captain Crunch (I love Captain Crunch but when I'm finished, it feels like my mouth has been sandpapered and ready for a coat of varnish).
So loaded with a supply of antibiotics and antivirals that would make the Center for Disease Control proud, just one thing is wrong...they don't work on this.  Can you say pissy mood?  Even the Lortabs don't help (but it is kind of fun staring at the wall while I'm on them). Today's the 7th day and hopefully it will have run it's course, and I can stop having Carnation Instant Breakfast, Carnation Instant Lunch and Carnation Instant Dinner.  Oh, and Carnation Instant Snacks.
I did have a little fun, I had to go to the bank and grocery store for more Carnation Instant Life Support and with a big bleeding gums smile on my face, I found everyone was soooo nice and polite and just gave me all the room that I needed.  How sweet of them!
Eh, I try to look at the bright side of things, I've lost 8 pounds so far.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not So Sure....

I admit it, I'm a vampire aficionado.  And a Depp aficionado.  And a Burton aficionado.  And the word aficionado aficionado.  But this...I'm trying not to pass judgement as yet.  I was very excited for the first 30 seconds of the trailer but when Barnabas is brushing his fangs, that more or less lost it for me.  A comedy?!  They have made my beloved Dark Shadows in which I would peek over the sofa to watch because I was too scared to sit in front of the TV to watch into a comedy?  I will definitely go see it but will NOT be happy if it turns out to be a bunch of cheap jokes.  Oh well, I need to be rich so I can remake it myself and do it right.

Yesterday my body crashed.  I started feeling cruddy around 2 and started running a fever.  Joint pain, chills, muscle aches, headache, I thought I had the flu.  Still went to get my hair cut but felt like crap.  Went to bed at 6 and got a call-in for Tamiflu.  Tamiflu didn't touch it.  For 75.00 it should have at least made me high or something as a consolation prize!  Went to the doc in the box today and she found the trouble...massive sinus infection.  Thank goodness, I didn't have the....wait a minute, I still feel like crap and spent 75.00 on medicine that I didn't need.   After 70.00 more in copays and more drugs, I'm feeling better, except my rump.  The nurse gave me 2 shots, a steroid and a high powered antibiotic.  Why did she have to say "This one is going to sting, it's really thick".   I have a high pain threshold but dannnnng, I was easing into the car seat very slowly.

Going to the doctor, I saw the coolest thing I have seen in a while and I have a purpose now.  A bald headed bearded guy with lots of tats was driving an old beat up black Lincoln hearse with racing flames on it.  Oh yes, I will find this guy and this wonderful vehicle and have my picture taken with it.   I didn't know that there was anyone THAT cool in this town (besides me, of course).
Redneck, I could be taken to the cemetery in that just fine!

Nice but still, I like the tractor tires hearse.

Hold on, I can only go once, I love this Bram Stoker's Dracula hearse too!  No fair!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pumpkin on a Stick Info....

I've had several people ask about Pumpkin on a Stick information...I remember getting my seeds from from Hirts Garden but they are currently sold out.  HOWEVER, several other vendors have these seeds from Amazon as well as Abundant Life Seeds or Rare and Exotic Seeds.  A quick Googling for Pumpkin on a Stick seeds should come up with several vendors.

Hope this helps!

Finally...Something to Say.

Sorry folks, haven't been around a bit, mainly because I have had nothing to say, at least in the Hallowe'en sense.  Seems that housework, work, overall just having a late winter malaise has dried up my creative juices but yesterday I got a jumpstart.
For those who may remember this post on the Hallowe'en Tree from Gurney's nursery, I may have forgotten to mention last year that my two Katsura trees came in (one died but a quick call and they replaced it free of charge), the one that lived put on leaves and in the fall, as promised, released a smell akin to cotton candy, caramel and ginger just as promised.  It was better than expected (I actually didn't expect any smell at all).  So yesterday I got 2 more Katsura trees and a sugar maple.
katsura tree-cercidiphyllum-japonicum

Sugar Maple
I dig maples.  I love their blazing fall colors, their shape and their connotations of Hallowe'en and fall. I also love maple syrup but I'm not going to be driving any spigots into the trunk any time soon.
Also, as if that wasn't enough, I got a book from Amazon in the mail too (loves to see me a pasteboard box with a smiley face on it on the doorstep)...
Book Three Babaaayyyy!!!!
I didn't know that the Mitchells had released volume three, I came up on it by accident.  Folks, this set of books is a no-brainer, beg/steal/borrow the money type of investment.  They are WELL worth the price tag (keep in mind that they are in full color, idea-packed and beautifully photographed).  Lots of great ideas and inspiration in each and every volume.

And if that wasn't enuf...
I won a complete set of Hauntforum DVD haunts from Hauntcast!  How did I win (besides drawing a circle in monkey blood on the floor by the light of a full moon while chanting a spell naked with the blinds open, or was that too much information?), I went to PayPal through the Hauntcast site and became a yearly subscriber and hopefully might win another of the kick@$$ prizes that are offered.  So get your rear in gear and go sign up for Hauntcast!  Even if I didn't win or didn't have a chance to win anything, I would subscribe for the information that they provide and if nothing else, to support the haunt community.  Com'on folks, it's getting close to March 8, the deadline where they HAVE to have 250 subscribers or the deal's off.   Do your part, and PayPal is STILL offering no interest payments for 6 months so you don't have to fork over the $100.00 all at once, you can pay a little at a time; it's what I did and it doesn't hurt that way.

The good part of blogging and following blogs is that you can get information you didn't know was even out there.  A bit ago, I ran across someone who blogged about Hallowe'en plants, namely Pumpkin on a Stick.

What is there NOT to love about this?!  Ok, lets get this out of the way...1...2...3...awwww they're so cuuuutttte!  A member of the eggplant family (of all things) this cutie can be cut and dried for autumn/Hallowe'en arrangements.  So, I buys me some seeds (found some organic ones, not that it would matter to me if they were organic or infected with pathogens or nuclear waste, just so long as they grow) and used these cool seed starting trays from Burpees which doesn't allow me to to the unforgivable seed sin....overwatering (bought the trays at Lowe's but have seen them at Kmart and everywhere else).
My pumpkins on a stick babies!
Against all advice, I also started Chinese Lanterns
I have heard that they are prolific, invasive and can be a noxious weed.  Don't care, they're pretty, that's all what counts to me, although I will probably be cussing at them if half of what I have heard about them is true.  But what would there be not to love about a flowerbed full of invasive little orange lanterns?
My little Chinese Lantern seeds waking up...
Lastly, there needs to be a new show of the Discovery Health Channel...Hallowe'en Hoarders.  I looked through my shop and realized that I am a hoarder.

 I NEED everything in there.  Yes, there's just a tiny walking path through it but everything in there is valuable.  I NEED it!  I'm expecting my family to be seated in the living room one day and I walk in for an unexpected intervention.
"Joe, we need to talk with you because we love you."

"What is this? What's going on?!"

"Joe, we think that you have a problem with your Halloween obsession.  We think that you might need a little bit of help"

"Nothing's wrong with me, I don't have the problem, you all do. You've been against Halloween from the beginning!"

"Now Joe, please calm down, we are only concerned for you. We think that you just need a little rest from your hobby, that's all."

"Rest?!  I'm behind already!  I have several new props in mind that I haven't even started on! Nothing is wrong with me, everyone just doesn't understand!"

"We do understand and we know that you just need a little rest.  You look chilled, let these nice two men help you put on this nice jacket."

"I'm not cold and you are...wait, why aren't there any holes at the end of the sleeves?!  I'm not crazy, you are, the whole world is mad I tell you!  I've got corpses to build and coffins to construct!  Let me go I tell you!  I'm not mad, I'm the only sane one around!"

"Take good care of him, he's really a nice man deep down"


"On second thought, keep him as long as you can, we could use the rest."