Thursday, December 23, 2010

And In Those Days...

The bowels of the earth and all that which is foul and unholy shall vomit forth.  The abomination that spews forth will horrify and consume, laying waste to all that is good any holy.

The prophesy has begun. (And yes, it was tempting to gut punch him but I didn't want to listen to it sing)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If I have to suffer, you do too!

I was in Las Vegas last week on vacation.  If any of you live in Las Vegas, let it be known I'm jealous.  Since coming home, I find that I have been on a mediocrity slope/rut for some time now and have been in a generally nasty mood.  My friend Sausage and I went to a Mexican restaurant last night for dinner and the 3 margaritas helped soothe the pain of living here in Alabama...a little.  I'll be better, once I get all the 4 letter words out of my system and forget what a good time I had.  In the meantime, join me in my suffering by watching this, it's in Russian but there's subtitles so you can understand what he's singing about.   Feel free to sing along!  And when the song is fully lodged into your head and has infected your mind to where it's playing over and over, know that misery loves company and you and I are sharing this pain.

Ms. M says that this guy is creepier than the clown in IT.  I have to agree (although I dig the head dance).

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Fun New Toy!!!

Parents, buy your kids a flamethrower for Christmas! They WILL tell their friends that you are the coolest parents on earth!

If you get the air/gas mixture just right...5 FOOT FREAKIN' FLAMES!  Your kids NEED a flamethrower!  YOU NEED a flamethrower!  Trust me, this is da bomb!

I'm going to Las Vegas for vacation tomorrow, I wonder if they would frown upon me taking it with me on the plane?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

AWWWGGGGGHHHH!!!! Pains with Windows Live Movie Maker!!!!

For the past MONTH I've been fighting with Windows Live Movie Maker and it's been a pain in the #*$&%!!!!!  Why can't Microsoft leave well enough alone (I say this with Vista in mind, XP was sooooo much better but 7 is pretty good, just a hiked up XP)?  Missed the deadline for a couple of home haunt contests too because of it!  %$#@!!!!!!

Just found a wonderful link from another disgruntled Windows Live Movie Maker user that makes the old version of Movie Maker work on Windows 7 (so far, it works like a charm, I didn't like the other version anyhow, it was harder to deal with).

Here's the link (but like Uncle Gates says, proceed at your own risk [although I had good luck with it]).

And yes, I'm too %$*@& cheap to go out and buy legitimate video editing software.