Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Eve of the High Holy Month....

For those of you (like me) that are in the mad rush because TOMORROW IS OCTOBER 1 AND YOU'RE IN A FREAKIN' TIZZY, I give you Halloween Monsterlist.  Here you will find a treasure trove (only because I can't spell plethora, whoops, I just did thanks to spehl chekker) of ideas and how-to's from Halloween's darkest and dankest.  From the most simple to the most headache inducing (right now it's the Axeworthy Flying Ghost for me! @#$%&!!!!!) you can pick up most anything from tutorials to inspiration, all dealing with our beloved holiday, Third Cousins Twice Removed On Your Father's Side Day.

Just seeing if you're paying attention or not.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ewwwwwwww, funny!

Oh Frog Queen....I have something to show youuuuuuuuuu......

*Shiver* this gives me the the good way.  I can almost hear the crunch of the exoskeleton, feel the legs twitch on my chin as the hair on it lightly tickles the roof of my mouth.

Urp...I think I went too far this time...

Via Twisted Cartoons (funny stuff!, go take a look!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Goal

Found this on YouTube...some guy actually MADE a dark ride in his garage!  I'm dang impressed.   On a similar note, Phantasmechanics founder Doug Ferguson (creator of the flying crank ghost) was involved in making a full-scale adult dark ride. Unfortunately, the site is off-line.  Anyone know what became of him?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seventeen Things Worth Knowing About Kitteh

Issac Newton invented the cat door?!   Honest Abe loved kittehs?  Super cool facts about the little critter that are diabolical as they are cute!  Click the banner below to be transported to The Oatmeal...

Hitler hated kittehs?  Figures.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hallowe'en Artist...Eric Pigors aka Unkle Pigors

I've raved about Eric Pigor's art off and on for a while, he's old school Hallowe'en with an extra heaping helping of insanity (our kind of person).  For those in or near Burbank California, (all the good stuff seems to be out west), stop by the Hyaena Gallery, 28 W. Olive Ave.,Burbank, CA 91506   Tel: 1-818-972-2448.  If you can't make it, click HERE to be transported to the Hyaena Gallery exhibition of Creeping Beauty, the art of Eric "Toxic Toons" Pigors & Rick "Dienzo" Blanco.  See something you like?  Of course you do, buy it, it's only money, you can make some more, but you better be quick before it sells out!  You can buy pieces online from the exhibition.

Also, stay tuned for something extra interview with the artist Eric Pigors...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Go ahead, hate me, it's ok...

The tag on my door yesterday foretold the arrival...the Package.  I hastily scribbled my name with nervous hand and stuck the FedEx tag back on my door, in anxious anticipation to when the driver would come back the next day and accept my illegible scrawl in exchange for...the Package.

I drive up this evening and see The Package on the stoop.  It looks innocent, benign, unassuming.  The plain cardboard box sat there, beaconing me to cradle it in my arms and take it inside.  I looked at the  My heart jumped.  They're 2 weeks early!  It's THEM!

I rip at the cardboard with reckless abandon, not different than an anxious child on Christmas morning tearing at his presents.  I gasp at the sight...They're beautiful, nay, GLORIOUS!
My new custom Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Pro-Keds hi-top sneakers!
Furry white legs not included.

That's hair, not varicose veins.

Close-up of the pattern, I wish it had been a tiny bit more saturated in the color but heck, I'm an easy guy to please!

I had a 40% off coupon during Labor Day weekend and decided to give a shot at shoes since I was so happy with my previous shirt printing.  You get to customize EVERYTHING, including stitching, eyelets, sole color, laces and all trim and lining. This is my official shoe of the Hallowe'en season. 

I are happy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh that old thing, I've had it forevvvvvvvver! Videos!

Gave my new Sony Handycam a workout today, you know the one, that old thing that was stuck under my bed for the past few months until the new wore off...

Got some video of some of the new props in the works for 2010's manifestation of the Final Unresting Place Cemetery...mainly to show the mechanisms just in case anyone out there might get some inspiration.  I did learn that a capacitor off of one of the motors can still bite HARD even after the power plug has been yanked from the wall a while.  Yeowch!!!

It was 102 degrees today.  What the heck is wrong with our weather?!  If Hallowe'en is anything like it has been like the past few days, Mr. Macabre is going to be handing out candy in a leopard thong rather than wool greatcoat!

You really didn't need that image , did you?

And of course, if you have any questions, I'm here to further confuse you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Questions, Questions, I have Questions for Y'all...

Basically two...the first one being, is there anyone out there that has a spouse that doesn't care for Hallowe'en?  And if so, how do you cope/compromise?   I so envy those couples that both love Hallowe'en but then again, it's reversed here at Christmas so I guess it's all balanced out (I don't like Christmas, it's a headache, and an overcommercialized nightmare to me).  I get the eye roll every now and then and the snide "ANOTHER skull?!  There's something wrong with you!  No wonder you're on antidepressants, you're always looking at dead things!"  Naaaaag naaaaaaag naaaaaaag!  But I can't complain too much, Mrs. Macabre puts up with my 'eccentric' hobby.

The second being, how long do you leave out your FULL display?   The reason I'm asking is that I have seen where several great haunters put their displays up for Hallowe'en night and that's it.   Just as a curiosity, how long do you leave up your display?

The third, (yes I said two but I just thought of this one), do you play the 'that old thing' game?  You know, buy something (like a new Sony movie camera that happened to get hidden under the bed for a month and someone was wondering why the credit card bill was a little higher than expected but I'm not saying it was me or nothin') and hide it until you can pull it out and say "oh we've haaaaaaad that, it's oooooold, you remember don't you?".  This last one is just for funsies.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Words of Profound Wisdom



Gentle Readers,

If you EVER have the notion as I did last night of taking a Water Pik and a nasal attachment and trying to 'blast' any head congestion out, I would strongly ask you to reconsider your decision.  I almost burst my eardrum last night by the pressure (THAT hurt) and 12 hours later, water still pours out of my head when I bend over.

"Gentle" my tooshie!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winner of the Skull Mirror...

The OFFICIAL answer to the 'what's wrong with the plaque' is that the apostrophe is in the wrong place...instead of Hallow'een it should be spelled Hallowe'en. So putting all the right answers into the random number generator, (actually you assign a number to each person and then hit the generate button), here is the lucky winner...


What a wonderfully clammy, creepy name!

But wait!

I did get an surprising number of answers saying that the plaque said 'Hallow'een Creatings'.  I can totally see that and for that, I'm having a second drawing for a box o' goodies from Mr. Macabre.  And the winner is.....

Zombie Mom!

There were other fun answers like she was riding a feather duster (Sausage Von Trapp) and not riding sidesaddle like a true lady (Der Krampus).

Thanks to all and I got something too out of this...I've discovered SEVERAL blogs that I'm now following that are fantastic!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vendor Review...ZAZZLE.COM

I had an idea, no, actually stole an idea from the Davis Graveyard.  They had tee shirts printed up of the Davis Graveyard with their logo (I have one, I love it, gets me the weirdest looks).  So I say to me, "me, why don't you make you one?"  And I replied "Good idea me, there's places on the interwebs that do that sort of thing! And by the way me, it's time for the little green pill now else more voices start talking and it gets crowded in my head."

Front: Do you believe in ghosts?  Would you like to? 

Mr. Macabre's...
The Final Unresting Place Cemetery
My friends have been simply dying to meet you!

The quality of the tee shirt is great, it's a Hanes 6.1 ounce 100% cotton black tee (the heavyweight kind).  The printing is quality is superb, the lines are crisp and clear and there is no bleed through.   The colors are a bit washed out, that would be my only issue (although they are MUCH more vibrant that my cell phone pics above).  My colors are as the writing above on the blog header, bright yellow with a lime green 'glow', which is definitely going to look different on a tee shirt than a screen.

Overall, I'm happy with it.  Great quality, 7 day service (less if you want to pay for it) and pretty reasonably priced:  about 32.00 for black heavyweight tee shirt with dual side printing.   I wanted a Dickie's workshirt but couldn't find a company that did them.  Oh, and if you're not happy, it's 100% money back guarantee.  And they're not a sponsor of mine, this is unsolicited.

So if you're thinking about having a custom shirt made of your haunt (or any other of the things like mugs, mouse pads, plates, etc...) give a shot!

Nooooooo! Betrayed! I've been betrayed! Martha Stewart Living Halloween Handbook Review

Why Martha, whyyyyyyyyyyy?  Did I not buy your cookbooks?  Did I not subscribe to your magazine for years?  Did I not take the blame when your recipes didn't turn out?  I so tried to be a good disciple but to buy this for 9.99 at the checkout counter and then find out there's NOTHING new in it hurts me Martha, it hurts me to the core:
It's all old stuff folks, the only new thing is Martha's makeup on the cover, in which she looks like a drag queen.  I'm serious, this book is a big ol' reprint of the last couple of Martha Stewart Halloweens, maybe one or two new things but otherwise, same sets, different angles.

I are so heartbroken, excuse me, Ben and Jerry is calling my name from the deep freeze for some consolation therapy.