Friday, May 28, 2010

A quick update post...

Since the spider war is over, I've been in the shop cleaning, reorganizing and actually WORKING ON HALLOWE'EN PROPS!  I've neglected blogging a bit but I have some tutorials on some of my new and old props that you might be interested in coming up well as pictures of Snuggie, my new Chiweinie.

And remember, the clock is ticking, you should be working on props and decorations!

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Again, congratulations Pam from Brochures Printing Online, (my wonderful sponsor) and myself!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday...To MOI!!!

Gentle readers, I'm so sorry that I have been MIA for a while, for things have been hectic lately from the brown recluse massacre in my shed (thanks to my very understanding exterminators who still treat me with respect in spite of the fact that there was a shed full of skulls, skeletal parts and coffins in it), to actually working (yah!  I can buy name brand macaroni and cheese this week for dinner!), to reorganizing the shed (ugh, organization is NOT my forte').

And in the process, I have a birthday tomorrow. 46 years old....1......2......3.....................................


Ok, I'm better now.  I'm calm, collect and able to take this like the strong, mature man that I have grown to be...mainly by having a mid-life crisis!  Yay!  That will be fun!  I can get an earring, a tattoo, a motorcycle, some leather pants, and, uh, uh, $#@^&!!!  Been there, done all that.

I'm prattling, forgive me, we just got a new puppy, a 4 pound Chiweenie puppy that has this habit of waking up at 3 in the morning wanting to pee and play and I'm rather delirious at the moment.  I've made some great progress on the piano playing ghost; the mechanism works wonderfully, the hands go up and down and back and forth across the keys.  I will post pictures and video soon of the progress. I bought myself (or rather Bellasarius) a new top hat today.  I, (or rather Bellasarius), has a big fat ginormous head, a XXL hat so I have to  order a hat online when I can catch them carrying big sizes.  I have waited for this company to get this top hat in for about a year in my size.  Why can't things be normal for me just once.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness writing, I promise to do better next post.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

From the Garden

Despite my overwhelming love of things dark and dank, I do have a certain passion for beautiful flowers.  The theme of the garden is magic, I try to have plants in there that have some sort of wondrous or spiritual significance to them (I have a ton of marigolds in there for the Day of the Dead but I figured you know what a marigold looks like). These are some that are currently on stage in the garden right now.  Above we have lantana, a scrubby bush with flowerheads that change color as they bloom outward, like magic. I think this one is called Candy.
Next we have the French Poodles of the plant world...roses.  They're temperamental, fussy, and takes a lot of TLC but if everything is right, they're breathtakingly beautiful.
The bottom newest one called Cinco de Mayo.
And if roses are the French poodles of the plant world, peonies are the drag queens...showy, over the top, and absolutely stunning...
By the way, can someone tell me what kind of tree this is that popped up on the edge of the garden?
I thought it might be some kind of maple but the leaves are really large. Whatever it is, please tell me it has beautiful fall color, please?