Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Ghosts of Hallowe'en Parties Past...

Mr. Macabre and dear friend at a kickin' Hallowe'en party years ago.  There is/was this really goth vampire guy in New Orleans named Chaz that gave ghost and vampire tours and I loosely modeled my outfit from him.  The nails were super-glued on...I had to soak my hands in acetone for about an hour to get them off.

Memo to self...super glue works too well on fake nails.

This is Chaz.  If you go to New Orleans, do NOT take any other ghost or vampire tour but his...there is no other.  The guy is unbelievable!

Rolling Right Along...

Routed the cemetery arch yesterday from 1/4 inch luan plywood (was going to use foam but was itching to play with my new Dremel tool!).  It's going to be lit from behind but should it be ghostly green/blue or red/yellow?

More to come...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Fiend In Need Is A Fiend Indeed

Alright, I know that was just a play on words but it seems appropriate in reference to that mac daddy of macabre, Eric "Unkle" Pigors of  Eric had a heart attack Memorial Day weekend (which sucks unto itself since that's like getting sick on a Saturday when you were a kid), a BIG heart attack.  I encourage you to read about his ordeal HERE, it's not only fascinating but also terrifying and not in the good way (he had to be CONSCIOUS during the procedure!!!  That means memories!!!  That would mean for me, lots and lots of time on the psychiatrist's sofa and lots and lots of Xanax!!!).    

But I digress.

Bottom line...please think about buying some of his cool products to help him out.  Hospitals and doctors are not cheap here in America (%$#@& expensive is more like it, I have some orthotic inserts for my shoes that billed my insurance company 800.00 NOT including the office visit and 2 cortisone shots in my heel!  Health care is doggone high!!!). I can attest that Eric and his very lovely wife Denise are wonderful people and would appreciate you finding that special something on their site that makes your life complete.  They love Hallowe'en, so how can they be anything but nice?

So help a fellow fiend out and traipse on over to Toxictoons and look around.  I bought one of his Ouija boards this morning to go in the yard haunt and if it's half the quality of the shirts, prints and other cool stuff I collect of his, it's going to be fantastic.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retiring and rebirth

Rest in pieces, dear Aggie...
Today I retired one of my props...Agatha, my cauldron-stirring witch.  All in all I was very happy with her but the character of the Unresting Place has been and is changing to a more lighthearted tone (as if it wasn't already).  I guess this is what I mean by haunting who you are, haunt what you are comfortable with and what feels 'right' to you.  Agatha was a severe character, like the skeletal corpse bride (who is getting retired this year also), she was less and less congruent with the rest of the graveyard.  So with strange feelings and a heavy heart, my fingers cruelly tore latex, modeling clay and hair from the skull base; all being left was a Bucky and a hinged jaw with motor.
But from the ashes, a phoenix awakens.  I am pleased to introduce the next incarnation of Aggie's head, The Hatbox Ghost...
Dental work is definitely on the way, including a gold front tooth.

Model Magic has improved their formula and is MUCH easier to work with.  This guy will be standing alone, headless while holding a hatbox.  His head is going to slowly rise out of the hatbox while jaw moves in laughter and then goes back down again.
At least that's the plan. I have an ever-so-slight idea of how to do it but nothing in stone.  I might just have his head float randomly around his body, I dunno.  I'm going to try and experiment some with him, using black lights and ultraviolet sensitive or phosphorescent materials to give him an unearthly glow.  I'm rather excited about him, he is going to feel right at home.  But don't feel bad for Aggie, she requested that her body be left to Ignatia so she can finally sit after standing for 8 years over a hot cauldron.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Ghoul of the Season

Meet Ignatia Scritch, the medium.  She and her enchanted seance table will be raising the dead on Hallowe'en night here at the Final Unresting Place Cemetery.
Bucky skull with Model Magic and moving jaw so she can make her incantations known....

Crap!  That eye is looking straight at me!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Zombie fun and KILL IT WITH FIRE!

So this has happened to someone else besides me...

Really stupid zombie jokes...

Some more really stupid zombie jokes (some are a bit off-color)....


*shiver* that last one was hard-down scary.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out...

The Visa bill came yesterday, I guess they didn't process my "paperless statement" request in time.  I'm going as the Hessian Mercenary this Hallowe'en because when Mrs. Macabre saw the 650.00 for the face creams, I got my head bit off!

Did you know that you could feed 4 third world countries for 7 years with the money that I wasted on that cream?  It's true!  I was told this by Mrs. Macabre....repeatedly.  Over and over.  And over.