Saturday, April 30, 2011

Repost-A Call For Help For Our Tornado Stricken Animals

Just in case anyone might have missed this, I'm doing a repost:

From the Tuscaloosa Humane Society Website:

Storm damage - The Humane Society Adoption Center and Cat Care Facility on Veterans Memorial Parkway (15th), one block east of University Mall, did not suffer major damage in the devastating storm of April 27th. The power is out, and the water needs to be boiled or carried in, but all of the cats are safe. A large tree fell near the Adoption Center, and the upper part of the tree is resting on the roof (our NEW roof!) of the storage/garage building at the back of the Adoption Center. The parking area is completely blocked. The Dog Care Facility near Northport was not damaged, and all the dogs are safe.
As most of you know, I am an animal lover. With 7 cats, 2 dogs, fish and anything else that comes up that I feed (including a wild raccoon that just made his presence known), I can't stand to see any creature hurt, homeless or hungry. I spoke with the director this morning, they are scurrying to collect food, shelters and medicines for hurt and wandering animals displaced. I recently learned that each animal that is taken in the Humane Society's care is fully examined, vaccinated, treated and housed, and the veterinarian services and the medicines are not donated. This is and will strain the already thin budgets. People here have been generous and I would like to ask for your help if you feel like you would like to.

You will see a Paypal Donate button to the right: this will allow you make a donation. I give you my word that every cent goes to the care, feeding and housing of the animals of Tuscaloosa.

Thank you

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Destruction, Devastation, Decimation

You have no doubt by now been inundated by news of the town Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I live in Northport, a suburb of Tuscaloosa, less than 5 miles from the tornado path that ripped the city to pieces. Parts are unrecognizable even to someone like me who has lived here all my life. We never lost power but estimates of more than half people are in the dark here tonight. We were lucky/fortunate/exceedingly blessed.

Please send thoughts and prayers to those that have lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods, and possessions. Thanks.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fuzzy cute widdle Easter Bunny!

Now you should know better than that from little ol' me!

Happy Easter y'all!  I've been MIA for a while but that's about to change...

MORE kick @$$ action!

Stay tuned...