Monday, November 29, 2010

Historical LOL's

Just a little Tom Foolery from the people who bring you LOL Cats!

Nighty Night!
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Funny, Pictures, History - This little girl would grow up to write The Exorcist.
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Funny Pictures History - Oh sure, blame Ben Franklin for Goatse.
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Funny pictures history - Like Vampires, This Trend Will Never Die
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Funny pictures history - Historical Magic 8 Ball
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


If someone gets me this, I will be their love slave.  The miniature Pepper's Ghost effect is stunning!  Be sure to see what this guy goes through to make these pieces, it's incredible!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Breaking Silence--Halloween 2010, A Restoration of Faith

I've kind of kept quiet this past week as I didn't know who may or who may not be reading this blog from the West Alabama Humane Society and I didn't want to spoil their surprise.  Halloween was great, nay, fantastic! Through the kind generosity of the visitors to The Final Unresting Place Cemetery, we collected:
I didn't know quite what to expect and my hopes would have been fulfilled if we had reached $500.00 but the generosity of the people visiting was amazing, above and way beyond what I expected.  We presented the money Saturday and they were surprised, very surprised.  The Humane Society being a non-profit organization here, all of the money will be used for food, medicine, vet bills and shelter for kittehs and puppehs until they can find a good home (8 of my 10 pets are either strays we picked up on the side of the road or adopted from the shelter; it's against my religion to allow an animal to suffer if I can help it).  Here's some shots from the Cemetery:

Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures but I did take video out of the wazoo.  It'll take me a couple of days to compile it.
I didn't tell anyone but I was secretly testing this year to see if it was all worth it. One person putting all this stuff up is a lot of work, much less creating it during the year.  I was tired, whiny, and had to take the yard down for rain once and reinstall everything and wasn't really sure if this was going to be appreciated or not. All I heard and saw all week was 'Fall Festival', 'Harvest Festival', 'Trunk or Effing Treat' (well, creative license added on the effing) and the like. Was Halloween dead?  Was the magic gone?  Did people need Halloween anymore? Would people come to my little neighborhood and see what I did? And would they like it?  It's not gory, it's playful and almost Disney-esque.  I knew my own brother wouldn't bring his kids (if it's an inconvenience to him then forget it) and my folks had bribed me before with a week's all-expense paid vacation to Disneyworld...that week (They hate Halloween, people worship Satan on Halloween, put razor blades in apples, poison children, worship the Celtic god of death Sam Hain with human sacrifices, and do all manner of evil to good church folk on the devil's birthday).  Would it be worth it?  Do people still care? 

Yes, a resounding glorious yes!

I had people thanking me for bringing back the feel of the old Halloween times, of making it so their young kids could come and see it and not be scared and mostly for helping the Humane Society (they lost a lot of funding recently which is sad).  People would crawl in the coffin to have their picture taken (although a LOT of people were genuinely creeped out by it no matter if I told them I made it or not).  Lots of kids were too scared to come into the yard at first but after a bit of coaxing came in and then didn't want to leave when it was time to go.   I met some other Halloween enthusiasts and saw tons of smiling faces, it was wonderful!
So I'm sitting there on our retaining wall and I see a mom and her daughter approaching me, the little girl having something in her hand...she handed me this:
THAT alone made it all worthwhile and more so.  Have already started planning for next year, hope yours was as happy as mine!

Mr. Macabre

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Skeleton Fever

People who know me and those who may know only my reputation know that I love skulls and skeletons.  I collect skulls and have 3 skeletons, Bob, Jean-Claude and Frank.  And the doctor says that I'm doing better and for me to use the blunt scissors when I need to cut something.

Don't you want to scream "RUN YOU DUMB BROAD! RUN!!!"  If I saw a skeleton walking towards me, I would get the $^#&% away from there.  But that's just me, I'm funny that way.

A little long but interesting, a guy gets dumped and gets someone new, and in my opinion, much better!

These people have the appropriate response to seeing an approaching skeleton in contrast to the first lady.  Might have to consider the motorcycle prop, that is soooooo cool!  I also LOVE this guy's voice!  Don't understand what the heck he's saying but whatever it is, it's good!

One more from the same show.  This must be a sort of Candid Camera show.  Whatever it is, they play hard ball!  Love it!

Lose 70 years in 2 minutes!

This guy can stay at my house...provided that he shows me his techniques!  Someone from the haunt industry should snatch him up!