Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winner, stalker and lateness!

Through the magic of, we have a winner....

Kara of Wicked Crochet!!!

So sorry about the lateness of this, there's really no excuse except temperatures in the low to mid 70's with a delightful breeze blowing in the backyard with the warm sun reflecting off my glistening white legs, (looking not unlike the legs of an albino gorilla).  I've got spring fever...bad!

Oh yeah, my stalker...went to the grocery store last night to pick up some milk (and came out 20.00 poorer with a handful of other needful things like Bailey's French Vanilla Coffee Creamer and some Little Debbies).  Came back to the car and noticed a piece of paper on the windshield under the wiper.  Thought it was one of those annoying advertisements so I got in and drove home with it still on my windshield.  I snatched the paper along with my bags and went into the house.  I looked down...

I'm watching you!

Be careful

Should I be flattered or terrified?  And this is real, I did find that note last night.  I feel all famous now with my very own stalker!  But if you're reading this, Mr. or Ms. Stalker, I should only warn you,  I take my shower with the blinds up and usually sing and dance to Bad Romance by Lady GaGa.

I'm just sayin'...