Sunday, September 29, 2019

Can you come to HR please?

I got up from my office desk and made my way down the hall.  Probably something to do with my insurance or something.  When I got there, it was the HR director, her assistant, my bitch of a supervisor and the head of sales.  Blood pressure went up, felt the blood in my face go down.

Spoiler alert....I was, for the first time in my life, being fired.

"For performance reasons and others, we have decided that we should part ways. We would like you to quietly get your things and leave the building. You will be paid for your remaining PTO and for the rest of today."

The rest was bla bla bla like an adult speaking in a Charlie Brown cartoon in my ears, the shock was setting in, about how my insurance was immediately cancelled except for my dental which ran to the end of the month, how HR would acknowledge my employment for the company but any recommendations would have to come from my supervisors (yeah, like I was going to ask them for any of that), and did I have any questions...

"I have questions, like how do you justify someone who was trying his best with no training is getting fired that has been nothing less than exemplary in his job?  Could it be that the ass department head that doesn't have the balls to be here whose butt got into trouble for harassing me is putting his minion bitch up to this?  It may be cliche' but take this job and shove it bitch!"

Yeah, should have said that, but instead I thanked them for the opportunity to work for the company and quietly left, gathered my things, said my goodbyes quietly and left.

I sat in my car for a few minutes while the air conditioner cranked up.  Texted my best friend and called my husband.

I was fired.