Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your Home For Fantastic Bad Crafts! Craftastrophe!

I love bad arts and crafts. I can't help it, I just do. There was this lady in our mall with a kiosk that would draw your picture for 20 dollars and I believe her guarantee was that your eyes wouldn't point in the same direction in the drawing. They were bad but like a horrible accident, I could never avert my eyes from them, I kept trying to repair the drawing in my mind and I always failed. She was there for years before she retired.  I hate myself for not buying something from her.

I present to you Craftastrophe, your home to all crafts that aren't quite right, or downright wrong.  This site is like crack, or peanut M & M's, once you start, you're addicted.  The fun part is that a vast majority of the products are still for sale!  You see something like bedazzled bikini briefs made of beef jerky, you can buy them!  or this...


I'm going to go get my Snuggie and turn all the lights on in the house now.

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