Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Confession

I'm coming clean for ya'll.  I have a confession to make and it isn't pretty.  I have to face your rejection, ridicule and ostracization  because of this deep dark secret of mine.  I'm sorry for the hurt that I will have caused you, my dear readers, it was nice knowing you all.

I have a Snuggie and I like my Snuggie.

There, I've said it and I'm proud of it.  My world was grainy black and white as I struggled to answer the phone on the sofa with a regular blanket until my Snuggie from the CVS came into my life.  And yes, I am well aware that I look like a tool when I use it.

This cracks me up (has some naughty words in it so just to let you know)...

Told my dear friend Sausage's husband that I had a Snuggie.   He said that he was embarrassed for me.  Sadly enough, I want the Snuggie 2.0; it's 40% heavier and has a place for your cough drops and Kleenex!

Something tells me I'm going to regret pushing the 'PUBLISH POST' button...


suzanne said...

Heh heh! Funny! On a more serious note, my husband has expressed genuine interest in getting a Snuggie. Must be a guy thing :D

Diane said...

*giggles* isn't it just a robe turned backward? if not, i guess i need a better pitch to convince me how wonderful they are. cuz to be honest, i'm freezing my @$$ off!

i still love you!

(but please tell me yours isn't pink!)

MLBetterly said...

You crack me up! My husband HATES them! Not because of what they are but because of their name. When I said I wanted one he refused. So, one day we were in Walgreens and I spotted them. I picked one up and headed to the counter with it. Realizing that I didn't have my purse with me, he grumbled and cursed as he pulled out his wallet. Mind you, we're married and share a bank account but he was mad because he had to swipe "his" card to pay for it. Apparently he's too manly to buy a snuggie! lol. Anyway, I love mine!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

ROfL!!! Oh my, that is very, very funny! Still love you...even though you have fallen prey to the dark side. :D Advertising is evil! I am just jealous that I did not get the gig to convince people to buy a reverse bathrobe!

BTW - the parody infomercial is great....you made me very popular here in marketing this morning :)


wiec? said...

i gave one to my girl friend as a gag gift last xmas. at first she scoffed at it but eventually i caught her with it. then i hid it one day when they were working on the heater in my buildings basement. she freaked. i'm not allowed to touch it anymore. she has turned into Linus from the Peanuts. it's scary.

it even has a nickname "slanket".

Mr. Macabre said...

I'm starting to think that there is a cult of the Snuggie. I'm sitting here with mine on typing and it's sooo comfortable. You all should try one, just one time, what can it hurt...you know you want to, it'll be our little secret.

I love the name "slanket". I am adopting that name for mine.

They were out of pink and leopard Diane, I had to settle for green.

The Captain said...

The people in the fake commercial looked like cult members or monks wearing their snuggies.

I'm going to create my own version and market them to manly men and call them "BRObes", they'll come in manly colors, They'll come in athletic team colors with logos. The "BRObe" will have a Velcro fly in the front so you can pee while wearing it, and side pockets that open up to the inside so you can adjust yourself if needed. I'm gonna be rich!

Mr. Macabre said...

I WILL buy one!