Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions and Living in Tomorrow...a kind of rambling

Howdy ya'll!
Today is New Year's Eve, 2009 (thank goodness it's almost over!) and I'm sitting here pecking out the last blog entry of the year before 2010 is ushered in.   I used to make a list of resolutions to faithfully follow that I would end up butchering a week later whether it would be saving money, losing weight, eating healthier, bla bla bla...I was never really good at keeping resolutions.  Last year I remember resolving not to make any resolutions, maybe I jinxed myself by doing that so I'm going to make one resolution this year...

I, Mr. Bellasarius Macabre, do hereby resolve for the year of our Lord 2010, to henceforth live not in tomorrow, but to live in the today.

Now, what does that mean?  I was thinking while driving the other day about a resolution, should I go vegan?  Should I join a gym?  Should I go all organic?  Lots of things that are truly good things, but then I realized that I would envision myself doing those good things in a future life, ie: tomorrow.
Therefore, nothing would ever happen because I would do it tomorrow.  I started thinking again, that it's kind of like living in the "if onlys", 'if only I had this tool I could build that', 'if only I had a weight set I could train', 'if only I were, had, yadda yadda yadda, then I could la tee da'.


If I wanted to lift weights I could fill 2 milk jugs up with water and that would work.  I realized that procrastination is my bedfellow and he lives in tomorrow.  I'm reminded about my late aunt Flora who died of cancer 2 years ago, she always lived in tomorrow.  We hauled out 50,000.00 dollars worth of clothes to the Salvation Army (her wishes) that still had tags on them.  She had stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines neatly categorized for when she would use them...tomorrow.  I was given a complete set of expensive china for 8 that was going to be used someday and when I took it out of the pasteboard box, it was wrapped in newspaper from 1976.   It hadn't seen the light of day since then, and the company has long since folded.  But someday it was going to be used, but I doubt she expected it to be by her eccentric 40-something macabre nephew.

My resolution is to quit procrastinating and living in tomorrow and someday and to start doing and living today.

I'd like to hear some of your resolutions too!  One of mine is straightening up and organizing the shop...

Aw #@$%&, I'll do THAT next week!


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Nothing that ambitious from the frog queen, she is old and had learned her lesson....LOL! How about less is more....I think I post way too much. Maybe if I spent more time organizing the shop! What a briilliant might be on to something!

You are a wise one my friend! Very wise. Here is to Happiness in what ever form that maybe for each of us.


Pam Morris said...

ha! after looking at 'the shop', my thoughts were much the same as yours..."you're kiddin' me right? forget that, man! some other time..." I sort of like living in tomorrow--makes anything you accomplish 'today' a real feat and something to be damn proud of! Happy New Year to you and thanks for writing such an enjoyable blog!

ShellHawk said...

Magic trick that works:
Go to your computer and write, in the largest font that will fit on paper landscape-style "DO IT NOW!"
Print. Take a piece of tape and stick it on the t.v. screen, refrigerator, or wherever you spend time you know you shouldn't, in a spot that disables you from using the item.
Cheap and effective!
Happy New Year, you!

Mr. Macabre said...

ShellHawk, that's too simple, I'm a mannnnnn, I need something from Sharper Image or Brookstone, men need fancy gadgets that cost a lot to make sure they keep up with stuff (opens Word silently to not attract undue attention and picks out appropriate creepy font...D.O...IT...N.O.W.!.!.!).

Happy Happy New Year ShellHawk!

sausage von trapp said...

My 2010 New Year's Resolution is to have my own Harvest Festival Trunk or Treat...let me know if you have any ideas for educational materials or healthy treats or maybe some fall arts and crafts!

Ghoul Friday said...

Happy New Year :) I think you've made a good resolution, and one that will bring satisfaction and happiness.