Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beauty and bane of my existence...

Had to drive down in the country today and I happened upon fields and fields of beautiful goldenrod, otherwise known as ragweed.  I love these fields of fluffy yellow flowers along with black eyed Susans. 
My nose begs to differ and if it wasn't for a steady diet of antihistamines, I would be dead.  These are yet another sign of fall in the South.

Glorious gold field,
Autumn color shining bright,

 Another of my favorites, the spider lily. No where to be seen during the year and then all at once a spire of red firework-like blooms explode in the yard.  My next door neighbor had this one blooming in all its glory.

 The neat thing about these and daffodils is that in an abandoned field, you can see these flowers pop up marking where someone's long abandoned and gone homestead was located in one point in history.


Lady M said...

The spider lily is like a grave marker for a dead homestead.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Yeah, I live in the grass farming capital of the nation here, so Spring time is hard to endure.

The village witch here recommends avoiding dairy, sugar, and cold foods during high pollen count time.