Saturday, October 4, 2014

High Hallowe'en Art

So, in my old school Hallowe'en pursuits, I come across really neat vintage paper products from Dennison, Beistle and others.  I love these, they bring me back to Hallowe'ens past where everything was much simpler and fun.  Or at least that's the way I romanticize them in my mind.  However, I wanted to keep and display these pieces of art (and yes, they are indeed art) all year round and so behold!

 I had my vintage small glow skeleton done by a frame shop.  They did a good job but they did charge me a whopping price (I think they boasted that it was done at 50% off and the price was around 55.00 if I remember right).
This one was done under 20.00 by me.  Went to Hobby Lobby and bought a frame set for half price, a half sheet of mat board and some acid-free mounting tabs and voila! instant Hallowe'en high art work for a lot less and I leave it up year round!


Lady M said...

Lovely - I remember my mother taping all those great paper Halloween cut outs to our front windows. They still evoke such feelings of bliss when I think of childhood Halloween when the whole village participated. You did a really professional job framing your cat!

Justine’s Halloween said...

Those both look awesome! What a great idea. I never thought to preserve vintage paper decorations this way. I love the contrast of the cat against that orange!