Monday, September 29, 2014

It Starts....Images of Fall

We have been having nice dry weather lately with tolerable temperatures for a pleasant change.  I have been traipsing around taking pictures of the local flora and fauna in all their glory.  

Some unidentified bush in the woods with glorious purple berries in clusters along the stems.

Defoliated cotton fields near where I work.  Although the smell may stink to some people, the defoliant scent is what I associate with fall since it was what I grew up with and it always comes towards the end of September.

Beautiful pumpkins.  Went to the curb market and they had a wonderful assortment this year and all were pretty.

Pink pumpkins! I love these!  They weigh a ton though, much heavier than they look.

Gourds in tons of beautiful shapes and sizes

I had planted some gourd seeds earlier this year and was griping because they seemed to be making nothing but foliage but as some of the leaves withered away, this guy showed up sitting pretty in the flower pot!

Nectar of the Gods...Mallow Cream pumpkins!!!!


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Love Autumn wing gourds. The smell of fall for me is a cannery in our old neighborhood. They can onions for a month and it smells so good!

Lady M said...

You must live in the south. That unidentified bush with the purple berries is called an American Beauty Berry. It is so named because Victorian ladies used to eat those berries to make themselves pale as they are mildly poisonous.

suzanne said...

The smell of fall for me: decaying plant matter as leaves fall and perennials die off. :)

Mr. Macabre said...

Wow! American Beauty Berry! I learn something every day! Thanks so much!
And yep, I live in Alabama, about as South as you can get!