Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat Studios, When Only The Scariest Will Do!

See this dapper fellow?  Now what about looking like him for Halloween?
A face like this says, "Give me the Fun Size chocolate bars.  Give me a box of raisins and you'll never be able to find your front door for the toilet paper!"
Enter Trick or Treat Studios (with a name like that, what's there not to love?).  Don't you get tired of seeing the same old same old mask that every store has on their shelves?   You won't be seeing THESE masks anywhere except here!  Does the above mask look familiar?  It should, it's taken from the delightfully dark twisted drawings of Eric Pigors or Toxictoons!  This one is particularly disturbing to me...

I don't know why...this one scares me.  But look at the detail!  Amazing (and may I add that ALL of their masks are VERY reasonably priced!).

One of my former teachers must have posed for this...this would explain a lot about me. 
This one could be called Little League Dad, but instead it's called Hyde.  I think Little League Dad is scarier personally.
Go on over to Trick or Treat Studios and have a look around...scare your inner child to death!


Wings1295 said...

Great stuff! The second to the last does look like someone ... real-ish. ;)

Pam Morris said...

yeah, I just checked these guys out yesterday...very tempting...I'd love to buy more than a few of these babies!

Zombie Mom said...

Got my package!!! Thank you!!! I'm gonna link to your blog on my next post!
Love everything in my surprise box!!
Zombie Mom

gretchen said...

What great masks!

littledeadmommy said...

The Sea Hag makes me think of the Queen in Disney's Snow White when she's in her ugly disguise.