Saturday, September 11, 2010

Words of Profound Wisdom



Gentle Readers,

If you EVER have the notion as I did last night of taking a Water Pik and a nasal attachment and trying to 'blast' any head congestion out, I would strongly ask you to reconsider your decision.  I almost burst my eardrum last night by the pressure (THAT hurt) and 12 hours later, water still pours out of my head when I bend over.

"Gentle" my tooshie!


suzanne said...

Sounds painful! Perhaps you were better off with the sinus congestion ;)

ShellHawk said...

Stop that! I almost sprayed coffee out of my nose when I read that!

Gentle, indeed! They'll be recommending a course of leeches, next!

Dio said...

I can't believe they even make such an attachment for Waterpik! Ouch!

Neilmed Sinus Rinse - the squeeze bottle instead of the freaky teapot, and make sure you use distilled water.
Mr Dio uses it every day and I use it when my sinuses act up.
It supposedly keeps the germs rinsed loose, or some such, but it works...

Anonymous said...

I'd ask "what were you thinking", but the answer is obvious. You weren't.

Hope you're feeling a bit less soggy today.

Pam Morris said...

omg and lmao! please stop

cindy said...

sorry, but i had to read that a couple times...still shaking my head! ow! hope it feels better at least!