Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winner of the Skull Mirror...

The OFFICIAL answer to the 'what's wrong with the plaque' is that the apostrophe is in the wrong place...instead of Hallow'een it should be spelled Hallowe'en. So putting all the right answers into the Random.org random number generator, (actually you assign a number to each person and then hit the generate button), here is the lucky winner...


What a wonderfully clammy, creepy name!

But wait!

I did get an surprising number of answers saying that the plaque said 'Hallow'een Creatings'.  I can totally see that and for that, I'm having a second drawing for a box o' goodies from Mr. Macabre.  And the winner is.....

Zombie Mom!

There were other fun answers like she was riding a feather duster (Sausage Von Trapp) and not riding sidesaddle like a true lady (Der Krampus).

Thanks to all and I got something too out of this...I've discovered SEVERAL blogs that I'm now following that are fantastic!