Wednesday, October 2, 2019

When Preconceived Notions Meet the Rocks of Reality-My Kid and Hallowe'en

Where to freaking start?!  We just finalized the adoption this year but he has lived with us 2 years as a foster child so that means 2 Hallowe'ens together.

You ever hear something so out of the ordinary from your normal consciousness that you have to process it?  That happened to me when I found out my kid, who will now be known as Little Icky (for Ichabod Macabre) had never been trick or treating.  His idea of it was just get in the car, go to the parking lot and get candy from people with their trunks open. 


With my work cut out, I quickly did a dia de los muertos makeup job and headed out with him into the night, teaching him to say "trick or treat" and "thank you", which houses you go to and which ones you pass up and to make sure to compliment any and all decorations.  Overall, he made a pretty good haul and I took the customary 20% candy tax.

Year 2

"I want to be Spiderman."

I took a deep sigh and went through my head on places I could find accurate fabrics and accessories. Over the years, the fabric industry has narrowed and a lot of the companies have quit making good quality costuming fabrics or the prices have become astronomical but if it's out there, I could find it.

"Dang it kid, you're only giving me 2 weeks for this and......."

"They have it at Spirit"

..............long silence.

"Beg pardon?"

"The one I want is at Spirit."

The reality was slowly dawning upon me...rejection of my talents. 

"Kid, you do know that I am a costumer, an expert in sewing and and an accomplished tailor.  I can make you anything in the world, ANYTHING."

"This one has web shooters."

"If you want to be Harry Potter, I'll charge your wand with real magic! How about  D'Artagnan?  I'll forge you a real sword!  Please, how about Lucifer?  Huge black wings?  Dracula?  Silk cape?  Anything, this is Hallowe'en, the best night of the year!  You have a master at your disposal!  Let me make your costume one that people will talk about!"

"They have a 20% discount coupon."

"We are quicksilver, a fleeting shadow, a distant sound...our home has no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass. We live in music, in a flash of color...we live on the wind and in the sparkle of a star!

And you want to trade it all for a half acre of crabgrass."


I know how you feel, I so know how you feel.

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