Sunday, November 8, 2009

You want some of this?

Come get some, but first you'll have to get past my friends.
These are from House of the Unusual, a MOST unusual webstore that specialized in all the stuff that we border-baby-boomers (yes, I was born on the cutoff year to be considered a baby boomer) saw in the backs of comic books.
Eddie, the owner, has taken the time and effort to bring all this back to us and I can say from personal experience, he does indeed care about his customers.   From bugs in ice cubes, remote control flying ghosts, fake blood, dirty soap, x-ray specs, all the stuff mother wouldn't buy you because she knew how much trouble you would get into with it is here.

This is a second review of their products, as you may (or may not) remember, I was shipped a Boney the Skeleton of lesser quality which turned out that the printer was at fault, not House of the Unusual.  These bad boys are printed on heavy paper and the ink is consistent and deep. 

Did I mention that they are HUGE? The image themselves are 7 feet tall at least!


The Captain said...

Drac is awesome!

Diane said...

super cool! they really are huge!!! you still look the toughest of them all up there though! :)

your last comment you left me (about the 80s stuff) made me laugh so hard!!!!

Peter Varvel said...

I missed the cut-off point to be part of the BB generation, but not by much. Your list of items ordered from the back of comic books really took me back. Remember all of the Atlas muscle system ads, too?

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Oh my, those are the coolest things. I can hardly wait to share with Husband. He is going to love those. Thanks for finding us cool stuff!!


PumpkinBrain said...

The two of them are nice! But I prefer Dracula but I bet you already knew that :-)