Friday, November 13, 2009

Let the battle begin!

Me: "I'm putting up a tree this year"

Mrs. Macabre: "That's nice, it's about time you got in a holiday mood"

Me: "Yep, I cleaned Michael's out of all their LED lights last week when they went on sale"

Mrs. Macabre: "Wait, Christmas lights are going on sale this early?!"

Me: "Orange Hallowe'en lights, what do you think I meant?"

Mrs. Macabre: "You are not putting up a Halloween tree for Christmas."

Me: "...then I'll pull out the papier mache' and work in the kitchen again"

Mrs. Macabre: "It goes in the back of the house, away from the front windows then.  You play dirty."


suzanne said...

Congratulations on your victory. Great photo! :D

Wings1295 said...

Muahahahaha! :)

Pam Morris said...

I'm sitting here chuckling away...thanks for an entertaining and very humerous blog entry!

Ghoul Friday said...

I think it's only fair you get a Halloween tree for Christmas since Halloween was a bust.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

LOL! That sounds very familar......execpt husband and I are reversed! Good call on the papeir mache angel.....I am going to try that tatic - thanks man! :D


Stephanie D said...

I have to go with the missus on this one.

But that doesn't keep me from putting my ornament of Stephen King's spiderweb gates on the tree. hehehe

PumpkinBrain said...

Mwahahah! Funny :-)

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I like the way you think Mr. M! When all else dirty...ha! Love the photo! :o)

cindy said...

i would love a halloween tree for christmas...and i know i would not get away with it either! :D