Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Mr. Macabre Giveaway...clarification

I have had several people email me at my Hotmail address saying that this was a difficult giveaway. I honestly didn't mean it to be but then again, I have passed up the opportunity several times to participate in giveaways when the words 'link to', 'twitter', 'tweet', 'Facebook' or 'Myspace' is mentioned so I understand.
Got a favorite drink recipe? That's a recipe! Do you do the Sandra Lee thing and dress up a prepared box mix? That's a recipe in my book. Do you shave your feet with a PedEgg and sprinkle the dead skin as a zesty topping over lasagna? That's just gross!
Doesn't have to be Hallowe'en related, or hard or complex or a main dish, drinks are fine as well as appetizers or breads or candy or whatever.

But leave the PedEgg out of this please.


Eve Noir said...
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suzanne said...

Can't please everyone :) My greatest difficulty will be in choosing just ONE favourite.