Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haunted Book Review Thursday

We're baaaaaack! And today's a 2 for 1 deal!


Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor

Authors:  Kasey Rogers and Mark Wood

For those who may not know, Kasey Rogers was Louise Tate on the series "Bewitched" (I think she was the latter as I believe there were 2 Louise Tates as well as Darrins in the run of the series).  Unfortunately,  Ms. Rogers is survived by her long-time partner Mark Woods, passing in 2006.  Before I go down a sentimental journey on Bewitched (I had a crush on Samantha and still think Agnes Moorehead is nothing less than perfect),  I had better return to the book review...

One word that accurately sums up these books is 'charming'.   These are craft books that have very do-able projects that are surprisingly unique.  I picked up Halloween Crafts a few years ago and it by far is my favorite of the two; Create a Bewitched Fall-O-Ween has more of an overall autumn feel to it but still has several good strictly Halloween projects.  My favorite from the first book is taking plastic jack-o-lanterns, cutting out the eyes and mouth and applying a thin layer of paper mache over them to represent the antique paper mache lanterns from decades past.   The bedding projects in the second book is wonderful, I gotta do that...someday.

If you're into hard core scares and gore scares, these books are probably not your style, and that's ok, I've got something for you coming up soon.  These books provide a fun, inspiring romp through creative haunted ideas, with a wonderful slant to an elegant side of Halloween.  When I pick these books up, I get inspired whether it's 12 degrees or 120 degrees outside (and it's closer to 120 these days).

Bottom the first book, Halloween Crafts, and if you like it, buy the second one, Create a Bewitched Fall-O-Ween.  Both are worth the money.

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Belle Dee said...

This looks like something I would really like. I'm going to put it on my list of things to track down!