Sunday, November 2, 2008

Post Halloween Blues and Rants

Trunk or treat might have won, I had markedly fewer trick or treaters than last year. Then again, the University of Alabama had their bonfire and pep rally that night and of course there was football. I'm not much (any) of a sports fan so I do not understand.

Overall, I was really happy with the yard, it looked what I thought was the best that it had ever. For some reason, the fog didn't spread all over the ground as in previous years. But I used a different blend of fluid this year and atmospheric conditions always has a lot to do with it.

Yesterday, during the takedown, I was a wreak. I didn't know what I expected from Halloween (which is my fault, nothing will meet your preconceived expectations) but I just felt alone. My mate doesn't like Halloween and would probably like it better if I just carved one pumpkin (or just bought a pre-carved foam one from WalMart that you just plug in and save the mess) and left it at that. I guess that I was wanting to share my joy in something I cared about. I would really like someone to share Halloween with. Maybe people don't want whimsy, I don't know. I wanted to make my yard happy, whimsical with a dark twist. I heard one of the local haunted houses had a nursery room like in the hospital where they grabbed the blood soaked babies (dolls) from their cribs and flung them at the patrons, hitting the observation plexiglass with a bloody thud.

Is that what people want?

If you think about it, there's not much difference in commercial haunted have lots of blood, lots of actors in masks or blood screaming at people, the inevitable chasing with a chain saw, no congruent theme (one room has Frankenstein working on his monster, adjacent room has a UFO autopsy, next room has an electrocution scene...I mean wouldn't Dr. Frankenstein be just a LITTLE distracted from a UFO crash and someone screaming in an electric chair from working on something so delicate as attaching nerves together and establishing neural synapses?!), and very little innovation or imagination (although the baby doll idea is imaginative...sick but imaginative). And people ask for no better. Damn my education, damn my college degree, damn my artistic gifts, why couldn't I be one of the throngs of brainless out there that doesn't question, and doesn't expect better?

That was sarcasm ya'll.

This blog won't stop even though Halloween is over. It is my sincere hope that whoever is reading this will continue to do so, and comment if you'd like for heaven's sake, I'm a nice guy, I love communication.

But for now, breakfast calls.

Blessings to you all, whereever you may be.

Mr. Macabre

I'm better today, I was ready to chunk it all out of the window yesterday just like the cemetery columns that blew out of the truck yesterday and smashed on the highway, another rebuild project.

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