Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Forgotten, a blog that should be on your reading list...

When I stumbled across Long Forgotten, I thought it was curious that the author: 
By day a Doctor of Biblical Studies and specialist in The Book of Enoch; by night a tireless investigator of Disney's Haunted Mansion.

Go figure.  Hey, I'm not one to throw stones, I collect skulls and worship Martha Stewart. 

Please don't judge me.

Anyhow, he has made the most definitive blog on Disney's Haunted Mansion since Chef Mayhem's Doombuggies.com (which, if you're not familiar with Doombuggies, stop what you're doing, open another window and go to the link).  What you'll find from Long Forgotten is a plethora of goodies including a rich history, scholarly speculation and  oh-so many wonderful pictures of this beloved place.  

Now, for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Martins Videos, the absolute BEST and most beautiful HD video of the entire Haunted Mansion ride that has been created so far.  Even better than anything that Disney has produced.  Fair warning, it's about an hour long, but well worth it.  No backstage spoilers but everything as a guest would see if they boarded the ride.


The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

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