Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Site for Sore Eyes--Disney Imaginations

Ok, that was corny, that was so corny you could shuck it. So I'll use it from now on, that's the kind of guy I am.  If I run across a site that I haven't seen before that I think might be of interest to friends and fiends alike, I'm going to make a point to post it.  This isn't any sort of review format but simply a "heads up, there's something cool here".

Enter Disney Imaginations, a how-to blog on re-creating special effects inspired from Disney attractions.  I was drawn to the following eye portraits tutorial.  Although I knew one way to do it, he presented another that seems to give a better effect.  Combined with an eclectic mix of eyes in the night, fireflies, the bullet-ridden duck from Nightmare Before Christmas and you have a site that belongs on most every haunter's follow list.

Dang it, that was a review, wasn't it?  A nice one, but still a review.  Oh well, I'm comparatively new at this so bear with me, I can get grizzly when provoked.  Ok, I'll stop, I promise.

Got a site that you think is great that needs a shout out, either yours or someone else's?  Then drop me a line either in the comments section or to my email and we'll get the word out.

Macabrely y'alls,

Mr. Macabre


ShellHawk said...

Not that I actually had any more time (I was two minutes over my allotted eight), but I would have loved to have this info for my latest segment on Haunt Cast! It's coming Friday, about the Haunted Mansion.
Oh, well. Thanks for sharing this. I will help me this build season!

Pam Morris said...

I thought this was a very cool entry...could be a real treasure trough of info...thanks