Saturday, February 14, 2009

What the H E Doublehockeysticks?!!

I'm feeling better this morning, I'm cussing using elementary school phrases.

In my quest to eat better, I picked up a package of turkey bacon on sale. Tastes just like bacon! Looks like bacon! Kids can't tell the difference!

I opened the package this morning. My bacon has never had a scalloped edge before.

I am scared but trudge onward to the microwave...

The scalloped edging looks a little less disturbing. Someone somewhere in some lab had to come up with this, you realize that, don't you.

Tastes like a thick, stale bacon flavored potato chip. Kids WILL know the difference!


DeadmansLog said...

In my years being a girl, and this dieting, I've learned that substitution is a terrible plan. Either enjoy turkey bacon/sausage for its own taste, or find a new breakfast sidekick.

It's like vegetarian meats - what's the point? There are plenty of vegetarian options that don't fail miserably by trying to be something they aren't that taste good! It's the same with health food to me.

Personally, I like turkey sausage and turkey kielbasa. I'd try those over the imitation-bacon crap. I've also been known to toast lean ham deli cuts on the griddle (carefully, it gets gross fast) and eat that while the family enjoys bacon.

My sympathy goes with you!

Mr.Macabre said...

I have to totally agree. I am one of the 7 people in the world that actually like veggie burgers for just a veggie burger sake. I tried to make sugar cookies using whole wheat flour, butter substitute, and no calorie sweetener. Worst crap you've ever tasted. I would have been better simply eating a sugar cookie rather than wasting ingredients, time and the ravaging through the kitchen for something sweet.

Soy stuff that tries to mimic ground beef is just foul.

Thank you for the sympathy, dieting sucks!

halloween spirit said...

I agree. While I am in favour of healthy eating, I believe there are some things that shouldn't come in a "healthier" or "low-fat" version, including bacon and ice cream. My approach is to eat the "real" version less frequently.

But maybe the turkey bacon is an acquired taste . . .