Thursday, February 12, 2009

Macabrely Dining--Part Two

This idea comes from my dear fiend, Sausage Von Trapp. I remember her calling me all excited when she saw something like it on HGTV but done with a wooden artist's mannequin hand. She told me of it and I ran with it from there.
Napkin rings are cool, they can set the mood of the table and be a focal point in and of themselves. But we need something a bit more...dark. Try this on for size...

Forgive the cocktail napkins, I couldn't find my Hallowe'en linens.

These are especially easy...first, procure some skeleton hands from EBay or otherwise (and if you choose otherwise, bring me a couple!). They're not expensive, usually around 5 to 8 dollars each, free if you dig them up in a forgotten cemetery!

All you do is cut the springy looking wires holding the knuckles together (don't cut the wires that go through the fingers!). Decide if you want palm up or back of hand up and use Liquid Nails to cover the side of the wrist bones that will lie on the table. Let dry. Bend the fingers into the shape of a grasp and wire together the best way you can (I would definately suggest that you make the grasp as wide as you can to accomodate a large napkin easily). Glue the joints with Liquid Nails on the side that you will not see (facing down or away from you) and the fingers and thumb together. Let dry, at least 2 days. Liquid Nails is good stuff but it does take a long time to dry no matter what the tube says. You don't have to use Liquid Nails if you can find something better; I simply use it because it's cheap, tough, and mostly has the same texture and color of the skeleton hand. When done, you can either leave it like I've done, corpse it up right (look on the Internet on corpsing techniques, there's a ton of them out there), or do a little bling with a ring, fingernails if you want, whatever your table dictates. But most of all, have fun with these! They're easy, fun and great looking on a table!

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Ghoulie Girls said...

Great idea! Thanks for giving me a hand with my dining decor ;)