Friday, February 13, 2009

A little blowing off of steam

I haven't really blogged lately about any real personal stuff I've been going through. This week has been weird. For one, our company checking account was forged by a group of crooks. They got a copy of a check of ours, duplicated it (forged) on a computer and cashed it to the tune of 850.00. The bank caught it the next day (the magnetic ink was missing therefore it was not able to read the check and it spit it out). They tried it again yesterday and ran out of the bank before they could make out with 950.00. The bank of course put the money back into our account but still it's scary. They said that this is common now and getting more so as the economic downturn progresses. The local police here have turned the whole matter over to the FBI because it's becoming so widespread and they can't handle it.
I haven't felt good today, probably my nerves are shot. Business stinks, but we have low overhead so we can scrape by. It's a scary time right now. I have been considering getting a second job if I can find one to try and save some money since all my retirement went bye bye last September.
But even as I write this, I feel somewhat better just getting it out of my head and into print. Mrs. Macabre's business is booming and I'm thankful for that.
On a lighter note, I got a short e-mail this week from an amusement park manufacturer that they liked Harry the Hitcher. I was more than a little flattered and thanked them for the kind words. My dream one day is to construct a ride through haunted attraction kind of like Disney's Haunted Mansion (on a much smaller scale of course). If anyone can help me gather information on homemade ride systems, I would be most appreciative because I have no idea who what when where and how to do it. I think I can haunt it but I don't have any idea how to ride you through it. I have several new inspirations for ghosts for the Final Unresting Place this year. Hallowe'en falls on a Saturday so this year is the biggie.

Anyhow, believe it or not, I feel better. Thank you everyone for frequenting this blog. I really appreciate and value each and every one that reads these posts, both the good ones and the bad...and the Pickle Surprise ones too.

Aka. Mr. Macabre


Dawn said...

I'm glad that it made you feel better to "talk" about it - You will definitely find a lot of understanding folks where this subject is concerned... it's scary out there for a lot of people, and sometimes it's hard to hang on to a positive outlook.

And congrats on the compliments for Harry... thats awesome!

Mr.Macabre said...

I feel for a lot of people out there, we're having layoffs left and right here. It helps to know you're not alone.

Harry thanks you for the congratulations, as well as Uncle Icky, Clarence, Eugene, Clyde, Eunice, King Leer, Rachael and Bob. Does anyone else name their props besides me?