Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Experimentation: Make your own Model Magic

For starters, Pinterest will be my undoing but in the meantime of my demise, I have picked up some really cool Hallowe'en ideas from tons of other pinners.  I wanted to start making some heads for some new characters but ran out of Crayola's Model Magic, my medium of choice.  I can't use papier mache, the stuff hates my guts for some reason and no matter what I do, it doesn't work. Period.  The stuff takes one look at me and never never ever ever never never ever never dries or does right.  I could place it on the corona of the sun and 2 weeks later it still will be damp and mooshy.   Stick it right in the middle of the 9th layer of Dante's hell and it still will need another day to dry...FOR ETERNITY!  But, being that it was 235 degrees below zero last night, I decided to not run to mecca (Hobby Lobby) and get some Model Magic. BUT, I had the ingredients that some pinner said made homemade Model Magic. Without getting into the preparation, here is the link to the article.

First of all, the ingredients are cheap, water, corn starch and baking soda. and the preparation wasn't too hard at all.  I did everything according to the directions and placed it in a ziplock overnight so it could cool.
 After letting it come to room temperature, I kneaded it a bit to make it smoother and introduced it to the fellow down below who was someone else but I decided that he needed a total facial reconstruction.

 For better or for worse, here's his new face.
 With a rather fetching profile I might say!
And here is Rastus Bezeebus sitting on the sourdough bread starter on top of the hot water heater where he will be drying.

As far as workability, I was very happy; the mixture smoothed out well, worked very easily and was softer than Model Magic.  Downside so far, it has a kind of funky smell and the author of the article said a couple of drops of peppermint (I'm guessing that any essential oil would work nicely) counteracts the weird odor. If this stuff actually works out well, I will probably totally switch to this material. 

More to come when Rastus dries....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Howdy All...

Yes, I've been rather reclusive lately.  I didn't do a haunt in 2012 or 2013 and it's starting to wear on my nerves.  I NEED some haunting in my life so today I stepped back into the workshed, fired up the heaters so I wouldn't freeze and started to work...

But before that, I think that I mentioned in my earlier post that I had some new parts put in last year.  My dear Dr. Frankenstein saw that my spine had some problems and screwed some new parts into me...

Did I mention that those screws are 3 1/2 inches long?  Those little thin clippy things between the vertebrae are metal clips holding in the synthetic disk.
One word...OUCH!  It's been a long PAINFUL recovery and I'm still not 100% healed but it's getting there. I would definitely advise against it unless you absolutely must have it, but if you're a masochist, you'll be in heaven for many many months.
But what you're looking for is Hallowe'en stuff and here's what I worked on today...

I held my breath and plugged it in, it worked!  Now all that is lacking is my favorite part of it, the decorating...and wheels!

More to come.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Either...

....the makings of a huge pumpkin head or the largest infected cyst in the world.

Monday, July 29, 2013

And a monkey....

Sculpted a ghost monkey head for an organ grinder monkey to be on top of the Doug the piano playing ghost prop.   He's going to hold a cup and tip his little fedora.  
A little bit manic/insane looking, no?

Finally, a finished prop!

Finished Horatio today and I'm really kind of happy the way he turned out.  He blows fog from his mouth. The hair was an afterthought but that made him.
This is the pipe system that directs the fog from the fog machine up to his mouth...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Buggy Prop

See, I haven't been totally useless.  New for 2013 is the haunted baby buggy.  The little critter (going to be an illuminated jack-o-lantern baby; I actually had a baby head sculpted and couldn't get past the whole deceased infant idea) will rise up and lay back down in the pram.  I will say that the mechanism was a pain in the tush but it came out pretty nicely I think. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Has it been that long?!

October 13, 2012, that was the last post I made and it wasn't even that good.   I'm here, I'm still alive and I got some new parts this year!
 Yaah!  I had spinal surgery this past March and got the fun little titanium contraption above screwed into my vertebrae. Oh, got a new synthetic disk to go along with it too (although I was somewhat disappointed that he didn't use cadaver bone from a homicidal maniac criminal, it would have been such a good story to tell) .  It's really pretty neat and my doctor was the best and the Catholic hospital I was in was second to none.
It hurt like H E doublehockeysticks.   I'm in the middle of physical therapy and that isn't much fun either although the therapist is a great person and really compassionate and patient through my whining.
 Sporting a different look also, this is my handlebar mustache that I'm sporting.  This picture was from May so it's a tad bit longer now...and curls on the ends with the wax.  Yep, I'm going hipster.
Didn't do too much anything for Hallowe'en last year, it was such a bad year last year that I just couldn't make myself conjure up the effort to do it.   But the good thing is, I'm back and with 99 days to go, let the haunting begin!

See y'all soon...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toxic Delivery From Speedy Delivery-NOT

I always wanted Mr. McFeely as my postman, so chipper and happy, instead, my mailman handed me  my package yesterday with a deadpan stare, "you got a box". 

I have spent embarrassing little on Hallowe'en this year I'm ashamed to say.  It's not entirely my fault I feel, I haven't really seen anything out there this season that says, "HEY YOU JERK, IF YOU DON'T BUY ME, THERE'S GOING TO BE A BOTTOMLESS ABYSS IN YOUR SOUL THAT I COULD HAVE FILLED!"

Or something along those lines.

So I took my Hallowe'en savings and dumped it into the Toxictoons website (remember Eric Pigors?  Yeah, that's his site and art).  And it filled that abyss...for now!
Le box from le postman.

The unveiling...
I love the little things...the Hallowe'en peanut butter kisses and the Tootsie Roll pop lasted for about 4 minutes.  Also was a little glow skeleton in there too but I only chewed on him.
The Hatbox Ghost tee shirt--glows in the dark and his head dissappears from his shoulders and reappears in the  hatbox in his hand!  TIS SORCERY FROM LUCIFER!!!
Trick or treat bag...mine's going to be filled with outgoing candy instead of incoming.

A good old fashioned updated Ouija board.  Printed on heavy boardstock (not flimsy at all!).  Oh, Jimmy Hoffa says hi. 

Prints! Prints and more prints!  All signed by the artist's hand!  Love them all, can't wait to decorate the baby's room with them! Sorry for the blur, Mr. iPhone couldn't make up his mind what to focus on.

More prints!  Hey, I'm an art ho, cut me some slack!

My favorite one.  It's a bit off-character for most of Eric's work being in a more serious vein, I absolutely love this one!

Stickers, books and CD's oh my, stickers, books and CD's oh my!  The coloring/activity books are a scream, get it, scream, horror themed....aw forget it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Scarecrow Scare...Scary @$$ Alabama Style!

I actually thought of Rot while doing this.
Whilst driving around at work today in the middle of $%^@ Alabama, I happen across this scarecrow.  It's not a Hallowe'en decoration, it's a real working scarecrow.  I go to my next appointment and return the way I came with intention of getting some pictures, which I did.  I park across the street (it's in the middle of NOWHERE), get out looking very threatening with my cargo shorts and plaid shirt and sneakers and start getting some good shots. While getting my close up of the scarecrow, I see movement from the corner of my eye, an ancient old farmer is yelling, waving his cane and SICCING HIS TWO BIG DOGS ON ME (yes that's the way it's spelled, I looked it up)!!!

Let's see, what's the appropriate response, oh yes...$#!+!!!!!!!

 I hightailed it back, running across the road praying that there were no cars coming because I did NOT look and made a dive back into my big ugly van.  I rammed it in drive and hoped the old coot didn't get my tag number (which I doubt he did, he was too far to see it).

It's like he was happy to be recognized.
This is one scary scarecrow!  I'm sure I heard banjos while I was taking pictures!
I LOVE this shot! If I were less of a man, I would have stolen that skull for my collection!
Bye buddy, you're going to be a hit on my blog!
Yeah, I'd do it again!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Kick Off The High Holy Season With Eric Pigors!!!

What a lovely couple, why can't people like these live next to me?!

Happy Pre-Hallowe'en Y'all!
  Well, guess what folks, it's nearing OUR night, that one time of year that we work for, strive for and eagerly await...unless you're someone like myself who celebrates Hallowe'en every day.

For the past few years, I have had the pleasure and privilege to interview Eric Pigors.  For those that might not know who Eric is, he is an accomplished artist, animator and Hallowe'en aficionado.  I personally collect his prints, have a couple of original pieces that always raises an eyebrow as well as several shirts and past years limited edition trick or treat bags.  His art is funny, sometimes offensive, disgusting, vile, morbid, ironic as well as sick and twisted.  In other words, his art rocks!  Last year Eric had what most of us are terrified of, a heart attack.  I want his signed art that I own to be valuable but NOT because the artist is deceased!

So, how have you been doing this past year?

Well it’s a day by day thing, most days I feel kind of foggy minded and tired all day, which I think is mostly due to my heart meds I have to take now .
My DR says I am fine and to keep up with exercising and eating well. I have lost 30 lbs since my heart attack which is good.  My back feels better also from losing weight.

Has your outlook on life changed since the heart scare?   
 I am still very grateful for everything I have gotten the chance to do in life.  I turn 50 this October and I still want to do lots more. And I am so grateful for my wife and my fans and friends.
It’s a shame the economy has been so bad this year, it’s really hurting us all (Congress, presidential candidates, are y'all listening?!). A lot of my fans have said they haven’t worked in months which is awful. I have been very lucky I got a gig at Warner Bros on the Looney Tunes show for a whole year. It’s given us health insurance and made it so I am able to pay my bills and make new Toxictoons merchandise, otherwise it would be pretty scary year, and not in a fun Toxictoons scary way!

You work for Warner Brothers on the Loony Toons show?!  I'm a huge fan!   Any characters or parts of the show we might recognize your work in?
 I got to draw some storyboards where the witch Hazel was in it and there are some background witches in it for a very quick moment. I even just designed a few of the witches myself and they seemed to be ok with me doing that, so maybe you will recognize the background witches?
I grew up with the LOONEY TUNES cartoons, which I love, so it’s fun to get to draw these characters, I just wish it was more zany and violent like the old cartoons and less talking.

Describe the creative process your inspiration to making your wonderful creeps.
I start just by doodling on anything:  paper, napkins, my hand., then as I see a character developing I will doodle more little drawings until I catch the pose I like. They usually are always 1 – 2 inches big. Then I will blow them up on a xerox machine to 8 x 10 and draw over the ruff until I feel the drawing is ready to ink in. Then I ink it in on a Bristol board and scan that in photo shop where I color it in.

Who are your more popular characters?  Do you find people have a preference in your characters?
My version of Frankenstein's monster and my Vamp girls are my favorites to draw and seem to be my most popular.
I never really draw the same character twice. I like to just think up stuff that's a little different all the time. But Frankee and the Vamp I draw over and over, they just look a little different each time I draw them.

2012 Trick or Treat bags...always a gotta get one, what ghoulish goodies are being planned to stuff into them?
Well, each year is similar in what it is in the bag, Its just always brand new stuff. Like you will get a button, sticker, spooky CD mix of Halloween songs and sound bites I put together, a signed print, window cut out and my spooky activity book.
This years has a DVD also and a coffin candy surprise inside. I've almost sold out of them already this year  in less then a week, and I might print up a few more. (which he has but they are going fast...again!)

I see you have a brand new mask from Trick or Treat Studios for 2012, tell us about it!
I’m also so glad I am part of TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS.  AARON LEWIS sculpted an awesome mask for me this year called the, “GLUTEN FR-EEK!
I got the name from the ingredients on the candy corn bag since I gave the mask candy corn teeth. 
I wanted something that screeeamed HALLOWEEN as a new mask, so I designed him to have a cloth-like mask with a good old fashioned Jack O lantern painted on it strapped to his ugly green head. And with his Candy Corn teeth I think it’s the perfect creepy mask for you or your kids to get for Halloween 2012.
I am selling them on my website and all my other 4 masks I have designed and when you buy my masks off my website. it will come with a surprise inside, and I also sign the masks inside.(Bonus! Signed mask from the artist himself!)
Next year we plan to have a Toxictoons Wolfman and new Frankenstein mask I've designed. I’m really excited to start being more involved in Halloween merchandise since I love the holiday so much and would love to see my stuff one day all over the shelves at stores. (so would we!)But keeping my creepy vibe to it, NO CUTESY TOXICTOONS! Yeeech!  (you said it brother!)

Remember--Toxictoons.com! Get your Halloween swag before the crowds or it'll be all gone!

What's on the DVD that comes in your 2012 Trick or Treat Bag Special?
The DVD has a slide show of my Toxictoons Halloween art I have drawn over the past years of doing Toxictoons. It’s 17 minutes long and perfect to play on your TV on Halloween or for a party for  fun spooky stuff.
I also have a great new DVD called, ”Monster Memorabilia” that  I put together hundreds of old pictures of  SPOOKY TOYS, ARTWORK &;; MERCHANDISE from the good old days of horror.
The stuff that inspired me and my artwork! The slide show on the DVD is one and a half hours long with spooooky music with it,  2 Halloween Safety Films from the 1970s and a cool video Jason Willis animated; he also help put the DVD together and did the music mix on the slide show, which I didn't know he did it way back when I got the CD's he did off eBay from him.
They inspired me to do the CD mixes that I put in my Trick or Treat Bag specials every year.
This DVD is free and only comes with my DVD that I sell called,”UNKLE PIGORS SPOOKHOUSE” and it also has a CD mix I did one year.

Speaking of Trick or Treat bags, I see that you have a brand new Trick or Treat Bag Special for 2012.  How many have you done now?
This will be my 6th year making them. I’m actually working on next years already. I know, call me crazy but I don’t know if I will have a job next year, and this is the one thing I enjoy making most each year so I am going to make all my 2013 Trick Or Treat bags and the merchandise that comes in them this Halloween. This way if I am out of work next year I know for sure I will have next years bags to sell even if I don’t have a job. (we hope for you that will not happen, the job thing, not the selling out of bags!)
I only made 50 sets this year, and they always sell out every year so grab one and have a spooky good time.  This years bag GLOWS IN THE DARK and comes with a new spooky activity book, pin, sticker, spooky CD mix,the DVD, signed print, window cut out and the first 25 sold have a coffin candy surprise in them.
Oh and the bags art is also the new 2012 Halloween shirt I made and glows in the dark.
And when you buy any 2 shirts from Sept 1st thru Halloween 2012  you get my 2 free posters with it while supplies last.
I have over 20 shirts of my art to pick from at www.toxictoons.com
And don't forget Eric's Monsterpieces App, available in the Apple app store!  Make your own hideous repulsive creation and call it Fred or Edna!

So you have some more good stuff coming October 1, er, right NOW?
October 1st, I plan on selling a Toxictoons 48 page art of Halloween book of my art and my 13 signed HALLOWEEN OUIJA BOARDS (12 now suckahs, I bought mine!). And a new shirt ,maybe some other stuff If I can think up some other ideas of stuff to make. (somehow I don't think that a creative person as yourself will have too much of a problem with that!)

Yessss!!! You have some new Haunted Mansion prints for sale now (loves me sum Haunted Mansion)!
Yep, I now have all my prints for sale I did for the three Tribute to the Haunted Mansion shows at HALLOWEENTOWN STORE in Burbank, California.
I love that ride and that WALT DISNEY SOUND FX record also. My friend, TOM COLE, I grew up with, his dad worked for WALT DISNEY WDI doing park rides and he told us he planned on building the Haunted Mansion ride in their garage. It never happened, but we ended up spooking out his bedroom once to scare the girls in the neighborhood.
Tom was the kid I ran to show him my brand new, only listened to it one time, record and watched in horror as my record fell out of the sleeve and broke in pieces on the floor! (aw man, that sucks!)

Dig that crazy cat!
What do you plan on doing for Halloween this year?
Not sure if I am going to do my spookhouse this Halloween. Last year we didn't get many kids and its so much work, and it's especially harder since my heart attack last year.
But I also have been saying this the past few years. Maybe I will do a small one in our porch? Or maybe just go out and see what other people made this year...
I did start a new tradition for Halloween:
I buy some DOG BISCUITS at the $1 store and when a kid comes up with no costume on,and doesn't say anything, or if they are rude I give them a DOG TREAT! (consider yourself a genius! I'm totally doing that this year!)
And if you have the best spooky costume, I give that kid a Trick or Treat bag filled with spooky stuff. Kind of my way of saying,” hey kid you get what I love about HALLOWEEN!”

Below are some pictures of some of Eric's spookhouse from past years...old school Halloween that I dig at it's best!!!

One last reminder...Toxictoons.com, your coolest place for Halloween stuff 24/7-365!!!

Uh, no thank you, you can keep the candy.
bed wetting material.
No...thank...you...I'll just stand here far out of your arm's reach.
I recognize a Trick or Treat Studios mask!
Ok, this picture is just plain creepy!
Come give granny a big kiss and she might give you a shiny new quarter!



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