Saturday, February 7, 2009

Magic Tea--The Pumpkin Tea Arriveth, Tea Time!

Hello Dearest Friends and Fiends,
I received my pumpkin teapot and tea from the other day. Shipping was fast and everything was packaged very well. The teapot is borosilicate (Pyrex) and stovetop safe and my two favorite words of all--dishwasher safe. It's very pretty and comes with a steeping insert so that loose tea can be used.

The tea comes in a little dried ball, rather unimpressive. The bouquet is just, well, that of a fine tea, I didn't pick up on any pumpkin aromas.

Placing it in the teapot, I poured hot water around it and watched it 'bloom' into a little pumpkin with leaves at the base.

I tasted it after allowing it to steep a bit. Still no pumpkin taste or aroma but that's ok, it has a wonderfully delicate green tea taste. I tried a little sweetener (after all, I am a Southerner and we do like our sweet tea), first of all aguave sweetener (barely tasted it) and then honey (ahhhhhh, very nice). But then I pulled out my Demerara sugar cubes and...perfect.

Overall review, although no detectable pumpkin or spice scent, this tea has a wonderful light flavor and a nice floor show as it blooms in the pot. The pot itself is beautiful yet made of tough glass and something I noticed was that the pouring spout was carefully shaped that I didn't spill any liquid or didn't drip down the spout. Well designed and pretty.


The Captain said...

Your cup and saucer are awesome too! I love green! What an interesting tea as well, how do "they" come up with such things?!

Mr.Macabre said...

Thank you! They were my grandmother's from the depression and really the deepest emerald I have seen in glass.