Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ms. M's Present

This is Ms. M and her present. She looks particularly nefarious for some reason, like 'don't screw with me or you'll be next'.

We've known each other since kindergarten and I attribute my creativity to her. Through the years she has expanded my horizons in the arts, challenged me creatively beyond what I thought I was capable of and generally has been maybe the biggest instrumental force in shaping my sick, twisted personality and for that I am forever grateful. Everyone should get themselves a Ms. M or the equivalent thereof, I recommend them highly.


DeadmansLog said...

Though rather hidden, Ms. M is lovely. :) She sounds spectacular!

Mr.Macabre said...

I assure you, she is, and a lot more!

Shannon said...

Ms. M is lovely. I absolutely adore her! And yes, she has inspired me creatively, too. Almost makes me wish I'd get back into theatre.... almost.

I have a Mssr. M, who I have also known preschool who also has influenced my wicked sense of humour and is instrumental in "corrupting" me. As I was telling Ms. M the other day, she and I are alike in that way.