Monday, February 9, 2009

Ok, Last Tea Post, I Promise

It was gorgeous yesterday, 70 degrees, not too sunny, one of those days where you walk around the yard just looking around, not doing a blame thing. Decided to light the chimnea on the back porch last night and try a new brand of flowering tea, Tea Posey from Target. Was very nice with a pronounced jasmine flavor. This one bloomed with a little arch of white flowers above the rose colored flower and greenery.

Ok, so I'm a sissy.

Next up...a series that was going to go into a book that I was going to write on Macabrely Living Elegantly, Elegantly Macabrely Living, Macabrely Elegant Living...oh $%^#@& that's why I never wrote it, couldn't get past the title!


DeadmansLog said...

I love your tea series. :) those "pretty," blooming teas are kind of creepy to me. I'm a big fan.


cinderelly said...

that is sooo pretty! i actually have one of those tea flowers that i bought in victoria, canada, but haven't done anything with it yet, because i don't have a clear teapot! (yes, you are allowed to roll the eyes for THAT one!lol! )

Mr.Macabre said...

I like the peach tea the best so far, haven't tasted the jasmine from Primula yet. I can't help it, I like pretty things that seem magical and unexpected.