Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Question for You...

As you all know, Hallowe'en is just around the corner, well, at least it is for me. I am torn this year (yes, I know it's February) whether to start planning for the front yard display again this year, or do a walk-through haunt for this year in the backyard. Here's the pros and cons of both...

Front yard pros:
1. Easily viewed from street
2. Has become somewhat of a tradition
3. Can control angle of viewing of audience

Front yard cons:
1. Props easily stolen from street
2. Have to take in display each night
3. Running out of display space

Walk Through Haunt pros:
1. Can lock the fence in the backyard
2. Lots more room
3. More light control

Walk Through cons:
1. Won't be displayed except certain nights and times
2. Would have to advertise attraction
3. Not sure how well recieved it would be.

Has anyone done a haunted house/graveyard before? Went from a yard haunt to a walk through attraction? Would love to hear from you! Try out the new poll thingie!


Ruthie said...

All right!

Jack and I (and our friends) did a walk through maze 2 years in a row before we moved from our house. We had such a great reaction from the neighborhood.

What we did was have a few props out in the yard, but told everyone that we would have a special walkthrough in the backyard on certain nights.

We made flyers and posted them at work/various places that we knew would get folks attention. Our local cable access allowed us to have an ad for free as long as we included their logo on our flyers.

We had folks lined up around the house to come in. We had a pumpkin patch area set up on the side yard before the gate for little ones so they could just come and get candy.

I say go for it! Who knows, you might become THE place to go on Halloween!

Oh, make sure you post signs explaining about strobe lights and such. And that depending on your haunt, the recommended age range. Ours was 13 and up. That way, no one can complain you scared the bejeebus outta little Cindy, you awful monster,you!

Thank goodness we did or some people would have had major problems with our Silent Hill section.

Good luck! By the way, if you do it, please post pics, okay?

Ruthie said...

P.S. It's NEVER too early to plan for Halloween.

Diane said...

i think you should give the walk through a go!

Dawn said...

Oh wow, how ironic... I have been pondering this exact same thing for a while now... so I didn't vote, because I have NO CLUE, but will definitely be watching to see what other voters have to say!! Glad you posted!

halloween spirit said...

Well . . . I've never created a walk-through but I'll throw in my comments anyway :)

Based on your post, it appears that theft is an issue for you. If so, trying a backyard walk-through might be a good idea especially if your backyard is fenced. You could combine it with a small static front yard display to draw attention and interest to the back.

A backyard walk-through wouldn't work for me for several reasons:
- my backyard is small with boulders protruding from the earth (trick-or-treating hazard!)
- many of our trick-or-treaters are very young and are often frightened enough just coming to the front door
- no matter how much wind and rain the front of my house gets in October, the back gets at least double. I'd constantly be rescuing/repairing props.

Not sure if any of those things are issues for you, but if you're running out of room in the front, the backyard might be the way to go (or a combination). As for how well received it will be, you won't know unless you try :D

Good luck!

Mr.Macabre said...

Wow! Thank you for all the advice. Security is definately an issue or rather THE issue; someone last year had a pirate theme haunt here in town (in the nice side of town too!)with huge ship, skeletal pirates, the works. They were featured on the local news station (I was $@%$%@#ing because the news wouldn't even return my calls) and two nights later, no kidding, someone stole the whole kit and kaboodle. They said that they wouldn't decorate ever again. I guess it was a blessing in disquise that I wasn't advertised, I could have been next.

Mr.Macabre said...

Oh, and I would have to wholeheartedly agree with Ruthie, it's never too early to start planning for Hallowe'en. There will be pictures, lots and lots of them!

DeadmansLog said...

DAMMIT MAN, make a walk through! Do a tombstone or two in the front yard - maybe even one that is an advert for the walkthrough... but give the full extent of your love over to trying something new this year.

Also, where do you live? Can I come see it before my wedding? :-D

Mr.Macabre said...

I live in Northport, Alabama, a small town adjacent to Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama.
And of course you could see it, anyone and everyone would be welcome!

DeadmansLog said...

Ha! If you make a walkthrough, I need to find the time to see it for sure.

Dawn said...

Oh wow, I can't wait to see what you decide to do.... everyone is shouting Walk Through!!

I just don't know if I could give up my obsession/fascination with being in the front yard, and seeing all the cars slow down, talking to all the neighbors, yanno, all that "attention whore" kinda stuff!!

Can't wait to see what you decide, and how it goes from there....