Monday, February 2, 2009

50 Things about Me

This is something that Ruthie at Everyday is Halloween did except she did 100 of them. I love reading about the people behind the blogs so here's my 50 things about myself you probably couldn't care less to know...

1. I’m part Native American (Cherokee), German and Dutch
2. Favorite food is pizza
3. Was in training to be an ordained minister
4. Had a mullet
5. Wore Husky jeans
6. Was Joseph in the school Nativity play
7. Won two juried art shows
8. Was a department store window dresser
9. Have had 1 mental collapse
10. Have taken antidepressants for many years
11. Am a happy man
12. Loves to sit outside and listen to wind through the trees
13. favorite fruit is the raspberry
14. Name changed at one time to Harrison before changing it back
15. Dye my hair and beard
16. Don’t care for country cooking in a restaurant at all
17. Can cry at a sappy sad movie
18. Loves flowers
19. Favorite color is (surprise) orange
20. Eye color is blue
21. Loves hamburgers
22. First job was at an Ace Hardware
23. Have been a bagboy in a grocery store
24. Own 2 books with spells in them but haven’t used them
25. Have 7 cats, 6 of which are rescue animals
26. Wear a white gold band on the right index finger
27. Am a college graduate
28. Went to a cooking class in New Orleans
29. Lives by ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’
30. Believes in God the Trinity
31. Tends to worry too much
32. Raises citrus trees as a hobby
33. Has a life size glow in the dark skeleton in the bedroom
34. Has to smile on purpose otherwise looks angry even when not
35. Owned a BMW motorcycle
36. Favorite city is New Orleans
37. Wore leather pants casually before
38. Loves Elvis Presley
39. Has 2 kilts, one black, one khaki
40. Was a civilian civil war reenactor
41. Favorite time of week is 10:00 am on a Saturday morning
42. Least favorite time of week is 2:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon
43. Won’t see a movie in a theatre
44. Wears bifocals
45. Has never been out of the country
46. Stutters profoundly when stressed
47. Loves aromatherapy and scents
48. Usually comes across as snobby as a first impression due to being shy
49. Likes Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos at Starbucks
50. Doesn’t have a car, drives a van


Ruthie said...


I did it originally for my sister who asked me so nicely to do it.

I am so glad you did one too!

I love number 33! We have 2 buckys that sit at our dining room table. I'll post a pic of it soon!


Mr.Macabre said...

Oh yes, please post a picture! Bob (the skeleton) just hangs around from a wall hook. When he makes an appearance every year at Hallowe'en, I miss seeing him and am relieved when he returns to his perch.

halloween spirit said...

The glow-in-the-dark skeleton sounds cool . . . but I don't think I could keep it in my bedroom :O

Thanks for sharing :)

Shannon said...

I stutter when I get stressed too!!