Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gorilla Boogers

If you want to be a hero, nay, a god/goddess to anyone under the age of 13, make Gorilla Boogers for a party treat. I have made them and have my own shrine that several children have erected in my honor.

Simply make Rice Crispy Treats except substitute Frosted Flakes instead of the Rice Crispies. Shape in irregular booger shapes, adding a touch of yellow food coloring to your hands when shaping (I use surgical gloves to keep my hands from being stained). When cooled, add a tiny bit of red food coloring to your hands and dot it over here and there for, well, you know, you pick your nose at a traffic light just like I do.

Actually, I like them better than the original treats...and if you make them out of Fruity Pebbles, you get a sugar rush that makes Red Bull look tame!


cinderelly said...

my mom used to make something very similar, but she made it into christmas wreath shapes with little redhot candy 'ornaments...i like the gorilla booger idea better, ha, ha!

Mr.Macabre said...

I remember seeing the red hots Christmas wreaths! Memories!

I first made one HUGE gorilla booger when I came up with it and said King Kong wiped it under a seat and I harvested it.

I love being gross!