Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walk Through It Is...and Fuzzy Chickens!!!

You voted and I will say that it was closer than I thought (and yes, I voted too, I voted to do a walkthrough but I didn't stuff the ballot box either; it still would have been 3 for the same, 4 for the walkthrough).

That was actually fun.

I love the fair in the fall. Ms. M and I used to go every year. There's not much better eating than funnel cakes, sausage dogs slathered in onions and peppers made on a grill that has a food rating below freezing, cotton candy, and parched peanuts that you throw the hulls on the ground.
My favorite thing to see was the livestock. No kidding. I loved the fuzzy chickens the best.

But the rides...I'm just a little bit over them as I've gotten older...except the spookhouse. If you ever saw two adults getting into one of those tiny cars and then hear maniacal screaming all through the ride (YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! IT'S A RUBBER MASK!!!! SCRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!! OH DEAR LORD NOOOO!!!! IT'S A BROKEN TIN SKELETON!!!!!) it was probably us. But we had fun. Those old beat up midway rides piqued my interest in dark rides. Dark rides are basically rides in an enclosed space, usually in the dark, Disney's Haunted Mansion perhaps the most famous. I love them, the cheesier, older, more primitive the better! I found a DVD that I would like to recommend to anyone that may have a love of dark rides found here! It's a behind the scenes from a very old dark ride in Knoebels' Haunted House. There was interviews with the ride attendants, the maintenance staff and the owners. It was fascinating if you have any interest in old dark rides!


Eve Noir said...

Sounds so fun! I love the fuzzy chicken too, so cute...I just wanna reach out & pet his nice coat. ^_^

The Frog Queen said...

Actually, now that I see one. Those fuzzy chickens are a bit scary. I rather ride the rides :)

DeadmansLog said...

I will require directions to your walkthrough when it is ready for victims!!! :)

Mr.Macabre said...

You better believe it! I would be most honored of your and your fiance's attendence if possible and anyone else as a matter of fact!