Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Started

Yesterday I made the first baby step to this year's Hallowe'en display...I pulled out the infamous Axworthy Flying Ghost system that I started on last year. For those unfamiliar with the Axworthy system, HERE is an impressive example of a nighttime shot of Raven's Manor Axworthy. It's a trolly system that supports a small 'ghost' that floats around the yard. It's infamous because it's very temperamental, it has a tendency to fall off the drive wheels and generally be a pain in the %#$@*& but when it works, it's truly a beautiful effect. I needed a drive belt and went to a local auto parts store and simply asked for a serpentine belt that was thin and very long. Of course, "what is the application?" Long sigh from Mr. Macabre, here we go, "I'm working on the drive mechanism for a flying ghost system. I'm a haunter and am starting on Hallowe'en already." He didn't bat an eye, picked out a perfect belt for me, said "Hey, I see shows where people decorate all year for Christmas, Halloween can't be much different." If only there were more like him in the world.

I will have plenty of absinthe when I'm building and testing it, everyone I have heard that has attempted this project says that I'm going to need it. Anyone else done the Axworthy effect and lived to tell about it? I'd love to hear your ideas, tips, anecodotes, etc...

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halloween spirit said...

I've never tried anything like this. Just seeing the words "drive belt" and "auto parts" is enough to strike terror into my heart :)

But I agree the effect is impressive. Good luck!