Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Skeletons in my closet...

Some people collect coins. Some people collect stamps. Some people collect cute little clown figurines.

I collect paper skeletons.

I look at the older ones that I have bought from EBay and imagine their past life on a front door of some house somewhere in America, seeing trick or treaters come to the door year after year. Maybe they were in some schoolroom decorating a bulletin board , who knows, but they have a history.

I don't know why I like them, I just do. Most of the older ones have simply Made in U.S.A. on them, no manufacturers name. The Beistle company made the glow in the dark skeleton I have on my door, they are fairly hard to find anymore for some reason. I bought mine 3 or 4 years ago at Hobby Lobby and haven't seen them since; I cleaned them out of all of them and am glad I did. The one in the package is from Publix Grocery, I cleaned them out too. The framed skeleton in the previous post has a glow unlike any of the others, intensely bright but short. Great, it's probably painted with radium, I probably will get radiation poisoning.

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