Saturday, November 22, 2008


My elderly next door neighbor asked me if she could pay me to pick up her leaves with my riding lawnmower. I said no, but I would do it for free but I wouldn't do it for money. 20+ bags later I go get a bite to eat and come back to the very back back of her yard where she had raked the leaves out so I could bag them easier and something catches my eye...a small skull, in very good shape and very clean. I have suspicion that it is one of my cats that dissappeared long ago, when a cat is sick and knows it's about to die, it goes off to do it alone and I suspect this is either Elvis, Little Bit, Trouble, Serena or Samantha. All have dissappeared and haven't come back, but whoever it is, they will always have a warm place in my room from now on.

Crap, I'm tearing up and have a lump in my throat.

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The Captain said...

Yup that looks like a cat skull. Whoever it is, is safe now.