Monday, November 10, 2008

A Glimpse Into My Life

These are some items in my bedroom, it stays like this all year round.  I remember some stuff from my childhood, like the plastic popcorn jack-o-lantern that brings back fond memories, it's cheesy, and cheap looking but I bought one in second grade and lost it over the years.  Bob the skeleton stays with me in my room; he looks great in the dark now that he has a coat of glow paint.  The picture of Endora in my bookshelf never ceases to amaze me, Agnes Moorehead had eyes that were unearthly beautiful, what an elegant lady.  The Haunted Mansion tombstones and glowing crystal ball is above my curio cabinet along with the Flying Monkeys sign Sausage Von Trapp bought me last year as a gift.   The framed glow skeleton is just cool, I bought it on Ebay and framed it.  It could very well be my favorite piece. More to come...

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