Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Lookin' Man

Don't mean to brag on myself but some of you might want to see what a good lookin' man I am. Yep, that's me, what a stud!

First of all, I do NOT advocate doing what I did to get these X-rays of myself (yep, that's indeed me), but I DID pay for them through my insurance and my co-payments so I figure that they're mine. Whether or not that's true, I got them nonetheless, besides, the receptionist was NOT very nice to me, saying rather sharply 'we're going to need those back as soon as your done'...uh huh, sure, I might have 'accidentally' lost them if they called looking for them, which they never did. I just said I was getting another opinion on having sinus surgery (which I honestly did although the doctor said he could cure me with nonsteriodal daily nasal spray and never even wanted to look at them) and wanted to take my x-rays. I recently took them to my chiropractor's office and took pictures of them on his light box, which is what you see here.

Again, I don't advocate doing this and this is only for informational and amusement uses only...I just had a ton of x-rays done from my rheumatologist, I might just need a second opinion...


DeadmansLog said...

brilliant! glad I haven't had to make any through-the-skin photos myself, but I do sort of which I knew what my skull looked like.


Mr.Macabre said...

The bright spot on my molar is a filling. It's quite fascinating just to stare at them and let it sink in that is truly my skull. I plan to send them to a photo shop, have them printed and framed for the wall.

Oh, what will the neighbors think of me?