Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Revisiting an old post!

Back in November, I asked a question if I was wasting my time trying to dry gourds and then resolved myself that it was an effort in vain and my little experiment failed.

Wellllll, I was delightfully WRONG! I found those little gourds the other day where I had pitched them out on the ground except they were beautifully tan and dried! It worked!

NOW comes the fun part what I had in my dark, evil little mind all along...gourd gremlins!
If you're on the Halloween-L list, you no doubt have heard of the Secret Pumpkin. In April, midway between the Hallowe'en past and the Hallowe'en to come, you buy or make a little gift for your assigned Secret Pumpkin and send it to them anonymously and someone will send you one too. This one is going to be mine to send. I'm going to (hopefully) rig it into a little pot like a plant and have the light where it can be switched on from the outside. I will document the process in case anyone would want to try it for themselves.

I did one a long time ago that I use as a nightlight...it's a bit bigger and I used a foam pumpkin...I like using natural products when I can much more, they have a more organic and natural feel to them (duh, that sounded real smarts of me, of course they would!). I love the irregularity of natural products.


The Captain said...

Very cool! I remember you blogging about your gourds not working out how you wanted them, I'm glad to see they fooled you and dried themselves.
At the risk of blowing some of my Halloween cool points, what is the Halloween-L list?

Mr.Macabre said...

Well, the Halloween-L is an group of people that are basically Hallowe'en folk. I for the most part am a lurker on the list but a lot of the people are close friends.
I have gotten a tremendous amount of good ideas and inspiration from them, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming because you can get up to 100+ messages a day!

Diane said...

he turned out deliciously evil looking!

halloween spirit said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

DeadmansLog said...

Fantastic, sir. I absolutely adore it.

Eve Noir said...

I must've missed this post. Wow, all are so very cool throughout the process!