Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hallowe'en Malaise

With all this awful news as of late and coupled with the beautiful weather we've been experiencing (I'm truly sorry my dear northern friends, it has been wonderfully warm and beautiful lately) I have been lax on my Hallowe'en duties. The Hallowe'en garden is growing nicely and I have been purchasing parts for some new props but I've been, well, lazy lately. Tombstones need carving, monsters need mudding, ghosts need risen from the dead and witches need flying. I will try to start conducting myself in a matter more to what is expected of me, my humblest apologies.

In the meantime, I enjoy aiding and abetting the corruption of...KITTIES! This is Alexis getting high off of fresh catnip. Right after we filmed this, she had the munchies, particularly for a pan of brownies.


The Captain said...

Ummm Brownies!

DeadmansLog said...

You're too cute.

Also, you can come make Hallowedding props for me if you want, since you can't seem to start on your own. I'm hopelessly behind and rather indecisive about it all at the moment.

PumpkinBrain said...

It's always funny to see a cat playing.

Diane said...

i love the music! and i'm very jealous of your weather!