Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm a big ol' softy. I love flowers. These popped open today in all their glory. I wasn't a fan of roses at one time, I viewed them as the French Poodles of the flower world: fussy, temperamental and has to be groomed all the time. I've since given them a choice: grow or die.
The clematis says "just try and kill me, I'll grow to spite you!"


Eve Noir said...

Very pretty. Great minds think alike because I just bought some flowers today & wanted to post 'em when they bloom...a bit more. Yes, they were store bought! :( But oh so pretty.
Can't wait for the finale of Easter Wrongness. Didn't you like my Toss & Catch Bunny? That was so very WRONG!!! ^_^

The Captain said...

Very pretty. I love Hibiscus, I had about 9 diferent colors until that last bad frost we had in central Florida, now I have like three colors! :(

Mr.Macabre said...

Oh yes, hibiscus are beautiful! I had some of the Disco Belle kind at my other house, some of the blooms were as large as dinner plates! I loved them!

halloween spirit said...

I agree. They are beautiful! Did I mention how jealous I feel that some people have flowers blooming while others are just happy that the ice in the backyard has FINALLY melted!! :)