Thursday, October 1, 2009

Haunted Book Review Thursday

How To Build A Corpse: Easy Step by Step Instructional Manual
Published by DiStefano Productions

First of all, it's October 1 and I am all a tizzy over it!  This is my favorite month and to commemorate it, I will review one of my favorite how-to books that I have read but haven't used....yet.

You've seen home made corpses on the internet.  You've seen home made corpses in people's yards.  You've seen home made corpses that look more cardboard than cadaver, but if you're in the market to make a humdinger of a dead person, one that looks dried out, smelly and musty, then you MUST have this book.  My copy is many years old, it was sent in a packet unbound but from what I see, they must do a spiral plastic binding on the pages which is good.

Ok, if you want to make a dead person, this is the book for you.  The instructions are easily followed and understood, all of the parts are readily available (aside from the liquid latex and the Bucky skull which you can get shipped to you; he used a model skull but I would suggest going on EBay and getting a Bucky).  What is so neat about this book is the personalization that you can apply to your corpse, whether it is the stage of decay, eye color, clean, dirty, whatever, it's covered!  If you're ambitious, you can make your corpse's eyes glow, mouth move, whatever!  Think what you could do with a 3 axis skull!

Looking for a cute party book that will tickle your fancy with darling recipes and sweet crafts sure to please the whole family?  Then take a hike because we're talking making a scary-@$$ prop that could traumatize a child and not in the good way!  If you're serious about authenticity and anatomically correctness in your haunt, you MUST buy this book! 

One word of warning, some of the images on the website are a bit disturbing, this person has a delightfully morbid sense of have been warned but you're no doubt scrolling up to click on the link to find the pictures for yourself.

I know you people so well because you're just like me!


The Frog Queen said...

Cool! It is so funny that over the weekend of our set up, several people mentioned this book to me.....although there are (purposely) no corpses in my display....I have to say the word of mouth alone has me very interested.

Off to make room on my book shelf!!

Thanks for the great review!!


Dave the Dead said...

Excellent book! This book spawned my first major Halloween prop many years ago, and remains to this day one of my favorites. Well worth purchasing.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Everyone should know how to make a dead corpse, don't you think? Happy Oct. 1st Mr. M!

Sullivan McPig said...

Those corpses look very convincing! If only I had a valid reason to go make a corpse.

The Captain said...

I have always wondered about this book, and now I know, and knowing is half the battle, Go Joe!

dark wings said...

Now I'll never miss Auntie again...........