Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone To Lay Your Money Down To...Mexicansugarskull.com

I got an order from Mexican Sugar Skull  the other day...if you aren't familiar with the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebration, HERE is a fascinating and beautiful summary of the Day of the Dead tradition. 

Now, back to my goodies...

Going around I got a set of two sugar skull cookie cutters (I have a thing for cookie cutters, these may not look like much right now but after you decorate the cookies like skulls, they become works of art), a handmade skull pin with little black leather wings ( I'm guessing that this might mean a soul's flight), the recipe pamphlet that went with the cookie cutters (haven't tried them yet but the recipe looks like it would be wonderful) and a really cool skull tea light holder (one can never have too many).  I have purchased a lot of candy molds in the past and sugar skull molds but they now have added jewelry, clothing (the tee shirts are to die for!), and tons of other fun things pertaining to skulls and the Day of the Dead celebration (I knew I loved Mexico for a good reason!).

Bottom line...fast shipping, excellent quality unique merchandise that I haven't run across anywhere else.  Click over there and take a look, you'll be glad you did!


Moriah said...


I have given you an award on my blog!

The Captain said...

I love that website! I haven't purchased anything yet, but they'll get some of money eventually.