Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weight Watchers Update...

And the verdict is...214.4...gained a bit. Hey, it's not all my fault, blame some of it on Starbucks. I had found a frappuccino drink there that, like all Starbucks products, has a significant amount of crack cocaine mixed in to addict you. I am convinced of this, why do people HAVE to have a Starbucks every day? Why would someone call the Suze Ormond show on her 'Can I Afford It?' segment and ask if she could afford a Starbucks drink every day (Suze denied her btw)? Come to find out my refreshing, icy vanilla bean frappuccino slushie has 780 CALORIES! Do they just try and see if not only they can make their drinks addictive but at the same time make them as fattening as they can?!

Sigh, I guess a broccoli slushy wouldn't taste so good though.

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