Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is Inappropriate and Gross

Ms. M sent this to me. She needs help. I laughed at it. I need help too.

The guy looks WAY too happy. Good corpse job on the skeleton though.


Diane said...

hahahha! funny! in a "omg thats not funny!" kinda way, of course!

Shannon said...

That IS gross. The guy looks like a thinner version of Randy from My Name Is Earl. YUCK!!

Shellhawk said...

Dude. That is SO wrong!

I like it!

wiec? said...

that's pretty good.

i'm happy for them. that vaseline jar looks a bit fake though:)

Ruthie said...


That made my co-worker look at me strangely from my giggling so hard.

Disturbing and hilarious. WTG!